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May 13, 2009

My Friggin’ News


People, you may or may not know that I’ve spent the past nine months applying to business school. And before that, I put a chunk of months into studying for and taking the GMAT (the standardized test everyone has to take before getting into an MBA program).


I didn’t talk about it much because I didn’t want to be found by the schools I applied to. I mentioned a couple of months ago that my last hope for getting into business school had been dashed against the cliffs of despair – I can now tell you more specifically that I had been waitlisted by my dream school and last hope, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the #1 MBA program in the country.

Booth Logoooo!!!

Well……….I GOT IN!!! Yesterday I was sitting around, minding my own business, assuming that my rejection letter was already in the mail, and a lovely, lovely woman from the admissions office called my phone and gave me the good news! After almost vomiting into my lap, I started saying, “OMIGOD. OMIGOD. OMIGOD.” over and over again. It was kind of awk. So I didn’t really hear much of what she had to say, other than that I’m IN and I get to go to SCHOOL next year! I had resigned myself to another year of working and knowing that I wasn’t following my dreams, but now? Here’s what the letter says: “What’s in it for you? A way of looking at the world that will affect every decision you make for the rest of your life, business or otherwise. A community of classmates from more than 50 countries, and an alumni network that spans the world. An opportunity to spend two years connecting with people who approach work and play with equal intensity, who revel in classroom discourse as much as they do exploring new nightclubs and running on the beach.” Oh, and the fact that it’s Barack Obama’s alma mater doesn’t hurt, either. I wanted to tell Dave first because he’s really been my engine throughout this whole process, but he decided to work until 8pm last night and I had to wait for 5 hours (but what’s a couple of hours after nine months?). So when he got home, I sat him down at dinner, pulled a sad face, and said, “I got the news from Booth. It’s bad…I’m going to have to be a student this fall.” At first he didn’t believe me, but then his smile was so huge I thought his face would split! All of my friends and family have been so nice and happy for me, and it has made me realize how lucky I am to have such loving peeps in my life. *tear*

So anyway. Yay. I’m glad I can talk about it. (Not that I’m going to talk about it much because that’s not really what this blog is about, but at least I don’t have to keep my trap shut about everything anymore.)

March 11, 2009

No harm in trying


(via Cute Overload – if you have been living under a rock and don’t know what that is, click the link and prepare to have your mind blown.)

March 4, 2009

Working his butt…on?



My darling friend-slash-bridesmaid-slash-idol Lindsey sent me a link to this story today. There’s a trainer in Australia who is trying to gain 85 pounds so that he can better understand what his obese clients go through to lose weight. So what do you think? Is that noble and altruistic…or stupid? He claims that he’s not putting himself in any long-term risk (for problems like diabetes).

Whether or not this is a stunt is up to you, but I did find one part of the article pretty applicable to my life.

He reports being more lethargic and having a hard time motivating himself to do anything.

That sounds exactly like me when I’ve been skipping workouts and letting my diet run wild. It’s a horrible cycle – the less I work out, the less I feel like I even can work out. There is a silver lining to his comment, though – the fact that he feels unmotivated and lethargic now means that he didn’t feel that way when he was fit and taking care of himself. That gives me hope. I like to think that by the time my half-marathon rolls around, I’ll feel more energetic throughout each day. Looking back, I realize that I had a lot more energy when I was swimming. Now, I always feel like I have a weight on my chest…but I know that’s going to dissipate as I get further into my training (fingers crossed)!  More tales of this crazy guy here and here. Lindsey knows exactly what sort of stuff interests me (bizarre freakish people, apparently).

So what do you think about this Aussie dude? Is he (a) stupid, (b) noble, (c) an attention-grabber, or (d) all of the above?

February 24, 2009

The coolest YouTube video I’ve seen

I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s SOOO much better with sound because the song is amazing, but it’s still mind-blowing without. If I had the set-up, I’d totes spend a Sunday making a video like this (yeah, like I could). Oooo, I have shivers! Over 3400 still photographs bring this movie to life. My jaw is still on the floor.

The artist is Oren Lavie.

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