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February 14, 2011

I have VD lips


Ohhhh, VD jokes are never not funny to me. Anyway, just in time for your hot date tonight (with Brad Womack, if you know what’s good for you), here’s my new favorite way to get all tarted up. See, when you’re on t.v. they tell you to wear lipstick because the lights wash you out. So obviously I had to whip out every lip stain and stick I own to find the perfect shade. Hot pink. For VD. {Also, speaking of being on t.v., you can watch me and my mom here. And keep your eyes peeled for a bridesmaid Molly cameo or two, AND look for my awkward facial expressions because I had no idea where to look when I wasn’t talking.}

October 26, 2010

HERE is why you want a fabulous wedding photographer, Part Deux

Let’s not kid around here: I hit the jackpot with my incredible wedding photographer. When I got the book deal, Dave and I decided to celebrate by springing for Yvonne’s photo booth. Easily the best impulse buy of the whole wedding. After missing out on family portrait time due to some snafus with the hotel, the images we have from our photo booth have come to mean so, so much to us. Nearly all of our guests passed through the booth over the course of the night – and the results are pretty friggin’ awesome. We framed 4×6 prints of our favorites and hung them on the big white wall in our bedroom.



…okay, I kind of lied. I may have framed the photos, but there was no “we” about how they got up on the wall. My darling husband measured, re-measured, and hammered 24 perfectly spaced nails. I came home to a completed installation.






We didn’t just choose photos of our favorite people – for one, we didn’t want friends to come over and be like, “Why didn’t I make the cut?” Because then I would have had to tell them that I don’t like them as much as my other peeps. Awwwwkward. Instead, we grabbed a variety of groupings and made sure the images had a lot of movement and irreverence. No staid wedding poses for us.



(my childhood bff melissa, her boyfriend, and her little sister)



(my lane mate from college and her boyfriend…who was also a swimmer, which we called “swimcest”)



(two water polo teammates and a coupla dave’s friends)



(dave’s college suitemates) (they had a theme song) (and a gang sign) (and a dance)



(dave’s great uncle, aka our chicago father, and his son)


Oh, and then we made sure to put ourselves in the middle of it all. It WAS the skinniest day of my life, after all.



(if you look closely, you’ll see bridesmaid-slash-invitation-designer, aubrey)




Sigh. That wall makes me so happy. I love waking up and staring at it.




September 25, 2010

HERE is why you want a fabulous wedding photographer

Because then you have fabulous prints to hang in your house. Even if it’s more than a year after your wedding. It took me a long-ass time to order prints and get them framed after we got married – I don’t know what the deal was. I think I was just overwhelmed by the fact that the wedding was actually over. But every minute of waiting was worth it. I love waking up to see three of my favorite images from our wedding. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when each of them was taken.

Of course, Yvonne Wong was the lovely photographer behind these works of art.

September 3, 2010

Summer bedding

When Dave and I were planning the wedding, one thing that bugged both of us was creating the registry. It’s just so…selfish-feeling. And that’s saying a lot, coming from a spoiled brat like moi. But…we had a Long Talk sitting on a 600-dollar goose-down comforter in Macy’s and decided the registry was almost as much for our guests as for us. We were really doing them a favor by creating a list of all the shizz we wanted.

…HA. Just kidding. The registry is totally for you. It’s for you to get all of the nice crap you’re too cheap to buy for yourself. Yeah, yeah, it also makes gift-giving easier for your guests and guarantees that a) they’ll give you something you like and b) they won’t give you a 14th toaster. But seriously. It is awesome. Single friends come over and tell me I live in a “grownup” house and I just smile and say, “You’ll understand when you get married.” (To preempt the comment questions, the book I forgot to take off the bed is the third in this series – easily the best three books I’ve read all year – and I’ve been through 43 so far, so that’s saying a lot.)

Anyway. That’s not my main point. Here’s the deal: I didn’t want nice China because I’m too paranoid to ever actually use it, and we already had glasses and silverware. So with extra spots on our registry, I went ahead and registered for a second bedding set. I call it my “summer bedding.” I also call it “totally awesome.” At the beginning of the summer, I always get bitten with the redecorating bug, and having a whole new outfit for my bed is a great way to make a change without giving Dave hives over my shopping addiction hobby.

(Here are the sources for the bedding: duvet, sheets, and Euro shams; shaggy throw pillow; beaded throw pillow was from Macy’s but isn’t available anymore; rose throw pillow, knit throw, standard pillow shams)

Oh, for reference, here’s our…uh…”winter bedding,” I guess? (This was before we got a new rug and my 80-dolla headboard.) I love this version too, but I’m glad I get to change between the two.

Baxter approves.

How about you people? Do you have two sets of bedding? What other crap do you do to avoid going broke when you feel like redecorating?

July 29, 2010

Wedding envy

(photo by Abby Ross photography, pulled from the Style Me Pretty blog linked below)

I admit it – I’m a little jealous of my friend Aubrey‘s wedding. I mean, it was one-of-a-kind. She thought about every little detail and the overall effect was a stunning day of love, beauty, and total awesomeness. See lots and LOTS of photos here. You might recognize a little bridesmaid named Wiggs…wearing a dress from Forever 21. I love that someone in the comments asked where our dresses came from (the answer is: all over the place – Lindsey’s mom actually MADE the gorgeous dress she was wearing).

A lot of people ask about the post-wedding blues. I definitely have them. I think writing an actual book about my wedding made mine even more palpable, because long after my Big Day, I’m trying to remember each and every little moment of it for the manuscript. And, yeah, sometimes all I can think about are the things I would have done differently, especially when I see other gorgeous weddings that seemed to do everything right. Then I just have to remind myself that the one thing I wouldn’t change is the dude who I ended up hitched to at the end of the day…and then he does something hilarious like making up a song about my ugly pajamas…and I forget aaaall about the lackluster centerpieces at our reception.

June 8, 2010

My wedding “oops”


Something went wrong on my wedding day. And, brides, I’m sorry but something will go wrong on your wedding day – just remind yourself that it will still be the happiest day of your life and you’ll be all good. See, there was this snafu with the hotel room where I was supposed to get ready, and in the ensuing time-crunch, things got hectic. After a long chain of events that I won’t bore you with, we ended up not taking any posed family photos. The result was I didn’t get to document having three generations of my family all together in one place for the first time in 20 years. (I should note that this was NOT my fabulous photographer‘s fault – the blame lies with a naughty receptionist who will forever be on my shit-list.)


Ever since then I’ve been dying to make it up to my relatives, who were understandably upset after our wedding. Enter the perfect storm of family-gathering-times: my grandfather’s 80th birthday, my cousin’s high school graduation, and a goodbye reunion for an arm of the fam who’s moving to Australia this summer. Knowing that my grandparents, their three children, all of their grandchildren, and their great-grandpuppy were going to be in the same place at the same time, I schemed with my mother and my aunt to get professional family portraits taken during our time in Park City, Utah.


The surprise was perfect: following a post-graduation, happy-80th-birthday brunch with the whole clan, we drove down the street to a beautiful tree grove and met a wonderful photographer who you’ll meet soon. Here’s me with all of my cousins on my mom’s side of the family (the guy holding Bax above is Joelle’s future husband). The recent grad (and junior bridesmaid) is the cutie next to me with her tongue out and Joelle is the kissy-face one on the other side. My youngest cousin is second-from-the-top, also a junior BM. I’m the oldest…but I don’t always act like it.


You’ll notice that I climbed the tree wearing 4-inch heels. Baller.

The photos in this post are outtakes from my cousin-slash-maid-of-honor Joelle’s camera. I’ll post the professional ones when I get ’em.


So…that’s how I (sort of) made up for my wedding “oops.” It wasn’t the same, but in hindsight I think these’ll turn out better than any photos we could have taken on my wedding day, since my relatives and I had just spent three full days eating, hiking, and jumping on a giant trampoline together.

…oh, and don’t believe me about the trampoline?


Please take note of the embarrassed husband sitting on the steps in the background, quietly judging me. He was just jealous because he doesn’t have moves like me.

Have you ever had to make something up to your family? Do tell.

April 1, 2010

Now we HAVE to stay married

UPDATE: APRIL FOOOOOOOOOOOOOL’S! Except I didn’t really fool that many people (at least not many of the three commenters…is anyone still out there?). But for serious: apparently tattoos on the finger bone really do hurt like a beyotch, so I wouldn’t recommend them. Especially not for chicken-livers like moi.

My birthday was on March 23, and it also happened to fall during Dave’s and my spring break, so we took a 2-week trip to the Pacific Northwest. It was awesome.

Rewind to last summer…one of my best friends and I were both engaged, and she said she wanted to take her fiance to a parlor and get each other’s initials tattooed on their ring fingers where the tats would be hidden by their wedding bands. CUTE, right? Anyway, I’ve been thinking and marinating about that idea since she told me about it, and for my birthday I convinced Dave to take the ink plunge with me. I’m so glad I did! I love having something so subtle, but permanent, on my finger. Even when I’m not wearing my wedding band, I feel like a married lady.

We got the tats in Vancouver last week, so the swelling/soreness is still there and both of our letters are a little red still – sorry about that. I’ll take more pictures once the redness goes away. And right now the swelling is pretty big on my finger so the ‘d’ is distorted a bit. Still. I love them. LOVE.

I figure this is the classy version of getting each other’s names tattooed on our asses. Do any of you guys have ink? And did it hurt like a mother when you got it done? Because mine did. Holy crap.

March 15, 2010

For the new bride

(all photos this post courtesy of the inimitable Yvonne Wong, who blows my mind every day with her talent)

Something must be in the air these days…all of my friends are getting engaged! It’s wonderful. It makes me bubble with happiness…and a teensy bit of jealousy that they’re just starting the wonderful whirlwind that is planning a wedding.

Typically when I get the squealing I’M ENGAAAAAAAAAAGED! call from a girlfriend, I have two pieces of advice:

1. Don’t take any advice from anyone right now.

2. If and when people start asking you for details about the wedding (especially sensitive stuff like “Who are your bridesmaids going to be?!”), say, “I’m just so excited to be engaged that I haven’t thought that far ahead yet!”

And then I send them ma’blogs. Ma weddin’ blogs. This is an ever-changing list of the wedding-related blogs that I find most inspiring, as well as the name of the shop where I bought my dress because my experience there was so wonderful. Here’s a copy of a “for the new bride” email I just sent this evening, to the fantastic new fiancee of Dave’s best college bud:

okay, this is the mother of all DIY wedding blogs…but it will suck your life:

and THEN! you have to look at this one because it’s about once a day and very pretty:
and THEN! if you look closely, you’ll see a couple you know featured on this one (a few weeks ago, I think):
and this one is pretty quirky, but there are some total gems:
here’s my photographer:
and here’s my invitation designer:
and then this one always made me drool:
and this one:
and then this one has a lot of good seattle resources:
oh, and here’s my awesome videographer:

…okay. that should do you for now. also, i got my dress (for cheap!) at I Do Bridal in Wallingford. if you can resist the siren call of couture, you should consider looking at La Belle Elaine’s near downtown because they have a runway in the middle of the store and it’s the ultimate trying-on experience. just be prepared to have to turn down the kate moss lookalike who is your salesgirl.

See? Aren’t I a nice new-bride-email-sender? You can’t even TELL that there’s a tiny, petulant voice in my head screaming LET ME PLAN ANOTHER WEDDING SO I CAN HAVE ANOTHER PRINCESS DAY! RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!! The good news is that the tiny voice is the reason I’m able to listen for hours on end to the brides in my life – I’m living vicariously through them, and will absorb every little detail they want to share about wedding planning. I even have thoughts on which nude-color thong underwear looks best under ivory organza.

How do you guys respond when the ladies in your life take the giant leap into matrimonial planning?

February 11, 2010

Grey likes…moi?

Wow, people, the fabulous Summer of Grey Likes Weddings featured my wedding on her blog today. I feel so lucky and honored. And she didn’t even mind when she asked me a couple of questions about our wedding and I wrote a frickin’ novel. What a classy lady. Oh, and she didn’t bat an eyelash when I talked about how I didn’t want flowers at the wedding even though she’s a floral designer. Good lord.

So, now that I’m getting back on the wagon of blogging, here’s what you can expect in the next couple of days (if I write it down, I’ll feel guilty until I post so I won’t slack off): experiments with lip color, a cake for a friend, an attempt to recreate my favorite sandwich, some potatoes, a recap of my first run in six months, some thoughts on stress and its ability to become a succubus on your life, and (finally) an blogiversary post about my hot-bod project.


February 10, 2010

A year of marriages

My three best girlfriends and I all got married in just over a year of each other. That was enough of a blessing on its own, but throw into the mix the fact that Aubrey is a first-class invitation designer and…well…see for yourself.

Photo courtesy of the incredibly talented Yvonne Wong, of course.

In other news, I have my first training run tomorrow night. People, I haven’t run in over four months, if my calculations are correct. It might even be more like five or six months. Yeesh.