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March 28, 2009


Oh man, you guys. Oh boy. I’m so excited. I’m literally panting with excitement. I finally had noticeable progress today!!!!

Are you ready to have your mind blown?



Lemme clarify that. I typically have two to two-and-a-half rolls on my stomach. They usually line up with where my six-pack would be, if I had one (pshaw, right). Please, to observe:

Here's a picture of my abs* with the rolls drawn on.

Here's a picture of my abs* with the rolls drawn on.

Do you like my belly button ring and acryllic nails? As you can see, I have two pronounced rolls at the top part of my abs, and then a slight “crease” in my skin where another roll is TRYING to form, but I won’t let it.

Well, this morning I was sitting on the couch with only my sports bra and shorts on, and I looked down…and roll #2 (the middle one) had MOVED! See, it used to swallow my bellybutton, so that when I was sitting in full roll formation, I couldn’t see my navel. This sucked, because I have an awesome ‘button – along with my calves, it’s my favorite part of my body. TODAY, though, I can SEE my precious little umbilical scar again! (Is that a gross name for it?) Roll #2 is still there, but it’s much more shallow and no longer hides the very best part of my abdomen. YAY!!! What’s more, I can’t be totally sure, but I swear that my abs look flatter from the side. Oh man you guys, this is the first time since I started this stupid training that I’ve actually been able to tell that my body is changing!

Ever since I did that ab post, I’ve been doing my ab routine about 3-4 times a week (I usually don’t go longer than 6 or 7 minutes at a time, though; don’t get all in a tizz thinking that you need to add an extra three hours of workout time to your routine). And I guess it’s paying off! What a great day this is. A great, great day.


*Okay, FINE, those are not my abs. Also not my boob job hanging out of the bottom of the sports bra.