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February 28, 2009

Something blue…

Well my friends, I’ll leave you this Friday evening with a query: I have stumbled upon what may be the cutest, most comfortable wedding shoes of all time.


They're named "At Tiffany's" but I call them "GET ON MY FEET RIGHT NOW"

The insoles are made from the same material seen in basketball and running shoes. So wearing these would basically be like getting married in the cutest sneakers on the face of the planet (see? I love the shoes so much that two of the last three sentences have been hyperbole). Every cell of my body yearns for these little ladies; I feel the marrow of my bones singing out to me: “Wiggs, you must wear those shoes on your wedding day! They’re adorable AND they will feel like heaven!”

I’m just so torn, because silly Dave (or maybe wiley Dave?) caught wind of my love for the shoes, and suddenly got all sentimental about how he loooves the shoes I’ve already got. I mean, I love them too…but they’re about as special to me as any other cute pair of shoes. See?


Steve Madden's "Shakeup Pump"

The ones I already own are by Steve Madden, so they didn’t break my bank. I’m glad I’ve got ’em. But…they just don’t sing “wedding” to me the way the others do. And they’re DEFinitely not as comfortable.

What should I dooooooooo?

After you’ve voted, if you feel like you want to elaborate on your opinion, do it in the comments! And happy Friday!

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