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February 23, 2009

Virgin post



Welcome to The Beholder. Right now, I don’t have any definite plans for this blog. I’m just going to post what I feel like posting, and if I end up with an audience (ha, ha) who prefers one subject matter to another, I’ll start shifting my efforts that way.

A bit about me: I moved from Seattle to Chicago last fall with my fiance, Dave, so that he could start law school. I left my job in marketing at a sustainable design firm and came out here determined to get into business school, plan my dream wedding, get back into shape enough to feel comfortable in my own skin, and find my dream job. So far…well, I have yet to complete any of those tasks. But I’m full of hope! Currently, I’m working from home for my family business (which is great). I love the flexibility, and I finally feel like I’m repaying my parents for all of their hard work.

A picture I took while on a walk with Dave

A picture of Chicago's Navy Pier that I took while on a walk with Dave

I started another blog, Figs & Wigs, with my friend Lindsey in November of 2008. I’ll probably refer quite a bit to it, at least at first, because I have some friggin’ awesome posts on it. Figs & Wigs started as a way for me and my girlfriends back in Seattle (where my roots are) to keep in touch after I relocated to Chicago.

But I’ve gone rogue. I realized that I’d ended up posting stuff that wasn’t just intended for my girlfriends. I mean, they don’t care about my thoughts on Facebook, or my horror at the Jonas Brothers effing up the lyrics to a Stevie Wonder song.

If you read keep reading, here’s what you can expect:

  • Lots of posts about food. I love food. I love baking and cooking, and I spend as much time as possible in the kitchen. I’m a total amateur, so if and when you spot me doing something totally moronic and wrong, TELL ME!
  • My road to getting in shape – for my wedding this July, and for my life after the wedding. I was a competitive swimmer from age 9 until I graduated college (go Pomona!), and I completely underestimated the great shape I was in during that time. As soon as I graduated and moved in with Dave, I began to gain weight. I ended up about 15 pounds heavier than I was in college (and that’s minus all of the muscle I had from swimming). I’m currently about 10 pounds heaver than I was back then. Ideally, I’ll find the weight at which I feel happy in my own skin. I’m sick of constantly wondering if my muffin top is showing, or worrying that my chipmunk cheeks are getting too chipmunk-y. I recently signed up for a half-marathon this June and I’m hoping to make a permanent change in my activity level.
  • Wedding planning. I’m a bride. It’s on my mind. I like to think that my wedding isn’t very wedding-ish, so most of my thoughts on wedding planning can totes be applied to other parts of your life, like fashion and interior design. Yes? Maybe? Not convinced? Me neither.
  • Pop culture. Dude, I don’t know why, but I love celebrities. They fascinate me.
  • Makeup. I am known among my girls as The Queen of Makeup (okay, that’s a lie…it’s more like Makeup Whore, and I will happily own that title). I’m also an amateur in this department, so again, as soon as I say something inane or otherwise ridonkulous about makeup, feel free to lay the smackdown on my ass.
  • Interior design. I cannot live without a fully-feathered nest, so over the years I’ve become quite good at decorating on a dime. (Gagging that I just used that phrase). Here’s a mini-tour of our pad…but keep in mind that I took all of these pics a couple of months after we moved in, so I’m aware that it’s a bit bare looking. It looks better now. Trust. And after we’re married? Well, don’t even get me started on the cool crap I’ve got on my wedding registry.
  • Other random shizz. Totally random. Allllll over the board. I probably won’t talk much about business school until I find out the results. I don’t want to jeopardize my chances of getting in by running my mouth about it. That said, b-school people, if you’re reading this, please know that I am completely dedicated to and enthusiastic about getting my MBA. Letmeinletmeinletmein!

If you’re still reading right now, good for you. Most of my posts won’t be this wordy. Or if they are, they won’t be a waste of time to read. If you’re already thirsting for more Wiggs (let’s be honest, who isn’t?), check out Figs & Wigs.

Now…carry on!