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October 3, 2009

Oh, mah gaw,

…go here right now. Then come back here and paste your favorite one into the comments, since I don’t have enough time to read all of them. Dave and I are having a rousing game of Wikipedia Challenge:

  • Each player has one computer.
  • Together, you agree on a term that you will locate on Wikipedia. Examples (from our game) include: toothpick, Tenacious D, fart, and Rocko’s Modern Life.
  • Go to Wikipedia’s home-page.
  • Someone yells START and all players click on “Random Article.”
  • From there, you may only click links WITHIN THE ARTICLE.
  • The goal is to be the first player to reach the decided-upon term.
  • You may not type ANYTHING, including Ctrl+F, cheater. And no hitting the back button, either.

Food, other stuff, Beathathlon 059

That there’s a picture of me dressed up as a Coors Light can for the first annual Chicago Beachathlon a couple of weeks ago, where Whitney in Chicago, now an OFFICIAL LAWYER, was volunteering. Annnd…I’m not bragging or anything, but I’m married to the guy who finished second overall. He won a life-sized plywood surfboard that will be hung in our home when monkeys fly out of my ass.

Food, other stuff, Beathathlon 085

Also, I made that Coors Light costume from scratch, by hand. I even painted the logo on felt, thus securing my spot in the Awesome People Hall of Fame.

Happy weekend, friends!

***Update: You like how my ponytail looks like a mullet (pronounced “moo-lay”) in the photo of me? It makes the photo even better.***

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April 7, 2009

Support from my peeps


One of my most favorite, amazing friends (let’s call her Smuce Funkelstein*) is currently living in Chile, where she’s teaching English and generally making the rest of us look like selfish jerks. This morning I told her about the half-marathon that I’m going to run and this was her response:

i have to say, if you had told me this three days ago i would have given you more than a woot.  what has come to pass between then and now is the santiago marathon, which i had to watch this sunday because a friend was doing it.  wiggs, i know that you know what you’re doing, but have you seen how undignified one can look while running 13 miles?  i was posted at mile 9 or 10 and the people running past me looked like the thriller video.  i don’t care if they got to eat 6,000 calories later that day and bask in the glory of an impressive athletic feat, they looked like shit doing it.  that said, you are going to rizzock and even if you are doing a stiff-legged zombie trot by the end you will look fuckin great doing it.

HAHA! I wish I were as funny as she is! Good god. I’m still laughing.

*We sometimes call each other Smuce Funkelstein and Muzby McDoodles because once we were looking for pictures of puppies on the Internet and found a couple with those names. I’m not kidding.