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May 14, 2010


A day late, but hey, a post is a post, right?


1 :: A lovely dress from Anthro, given to me by my mom. Do you think it’s too much white to wear to a wedding?

2 :: I’ve started putting all of my headbands on the cupcake tower I registered for. I put it on the list SURE that I would be using it all the time…but…alas. Most cupcakes that get made ’round here are eaten before they have a chance to go on the tower.

3 :: My bedside table needs some serious organization. It’s ridic. I’m currently reading Ilium, which is this heavy-duty sci-fi book that I only recommend if you like that sort of thing. I do. Next up is Wolf Hall, which I’ve heard is also only worth reading if you’re obsessed with Tudor history. I am. It’s a little out of control. I counted and I own 28 books about it.

4 :: I love the shape of his little butt! He kills me. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

5 :: A Polaroid from my 22nd birthday party at Benihana (oof, four years ago?). I’ve been to Benihana on my birthday every year since I was 8. Featured in it: Dave, who had only been my boyfriend for a couple of months, his little brother (visiting us this week!) minus about six inches he would grow in the next couple of years, a girl who ended up being the most evil person I’ve ever accidentally befriended, and my three best girlfriends (including this one).

6 :: A trip to the pharmacy. Also, since I was getting something boring, I treated myself to Moroccan Oil, which is apparently a miracle substance. I’ll also report back on that.

7 :: The old camera cord, which Baxter pulled into his crate and ate while we were at dinner. I was so worried he’d eaten metal, but so far he’s, ah, regular.

8 :: Except he puked on the bed and then the carpet. The vet has been notified; they think he’s fine. (He’s sort of a pukey dude, so this wasn’t super out-of-the-ordinary.)

9 :: The best – BEST – kitchen item I’ve used in a long time. A must for small families who don’t use all of their fresh herbs in one meal.

10 :: A gift from my incredible and well-read mother-in-law. The title is true. I will cut you with my intellect.

11 :: After Bax puked on the bed, it’s been hard to re-make. Not sure why. But it’s wayyy less satisfying to get into an unmade bed, so I fixed that situation rull fast after I took the photo.

12 :: I bought two of these. They changed my life. I would like ten more.

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April 13, 2010


The wife of an old high school friend has been participating in this li’l ongoing series called 12of12. It’s simple – 12 photos taken on the 12th of each month. I figured I’d participate, since I’m monkeying around with photography quite a lot lately…plus maybe you’ll get a glimpse into what the frig I’ve been up to lately (or not up to, such as blogging or shaving my armpits) (don’t worry, I haven’t taken a photo of my hairy ‘pits) (yet).

Mediterranean lunch


01 :: A Mediterranean-style lunch. At least, that’s what I’m calling it. Notice the sage leaf garnish leftover from yesterday. I’m so classy it hurts.

02 :: My study buddy, making it hard for me to do data analysis.

03 :: The first signs of spring, just outside my window.

04 :: Microeconomics homework. Lovely. It was so exciting and I can tell you’re jealous.

05 :: A decadent Christmas gift from a delightful friend. I’m officially addicted.

06 :: My cleaning buddy, making it hard for me to make the bed.

07 :: Chairs always look better when adorned by stretching puppies, no?

08 :: It’s cheese. With mustard. And booze. I don’t think I need to tell you why this blows my mind.

09 :: A lovely headband that disguises my inability to shower on a regular basis.

10 :: FINALLY getting around to that data analysis.

11 :: But not before getting distracted by my new favorite cookbook.

12 :: Mother-son photo shoot with the husband. “Your face circles match your shirt,” he said (face circles = blush).

Wanna do 12of12, or see what it looks like when a real photographer does it? Here.