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February 7, 2010

Back on the…er…horse

I can’t think of a proper metaphor to use as my way to say that I signed up for yet another half-marathon. I say “yet another” because in the past two years, I’ve signed up for three halfs and have only run one of them. So…I’d say chances are 50-50 that I’ll actually run it. Luckily, I have some amazing support, and I’ll be joined by a lovely friend-slash-bloggista. Oh, and did I mention the course? Gorge. I’d be crazy to chicken out of this one.

In other sad news, I was rejected from my dream-job…so if there’s anyone out there looking for a brand manager/marketing MBA intern this summer, hit me up. Seriously. I’m free.

June 7, 2009

Half-marathon training: Day 96

I’ve been training for this half-marathon shizz for so long that I was sick of being worried over the distance…so I went ahead and ran a full half-marathon today. Crazy? Maybe. But now at least I know I can do it. I did the first six miles on my own, then my Canadian joined me. 

…and then my dad rolled up in his BMW sports car and started taking cell phone pictures of us:

13-mile run

May 28, 2009

Half-marathon training: Days 84, 85, 86, 87, 88

Sadly, since I’m in San Diego AT MY BACHELORETTE PARTY right now, I don’t have photos for you from my workout. Soooo…I’m just going to list what I did each day for the two of you who are following my training progress slowly.

Day 84: 3-mile run

Day 85: Lots of walking? That’s lame to count as a workout, but that’s what I did. A set of abs, too.

Day 86: 3-mile run, during which time we stopped by the home of one of Dave’s coworkers and saw his newwww babyyyy!!! SQUEEEEEEEAL!!! I think Dave had a mini-heart attack when he saw my reaction to the teeny weeny little cherub.

Day 87: A hardcore glute exercise on the airplane (I’m talking about panicked clenching here, people), followed bya  5-mile run along Mission Beach here in San Diego

Mission Beach(source)

Day 88: 6-mile run along the beach with my little Kirsten, aka the best senior-year college roommate of all time.

Can I talk about how amazing it is to have a bachelorette party? I feel like I’m in heaven with all of these incredible women around me. Get ready for some hilarious recaps.

May 27, 2009

Half-marathon training: Days 82 & 83

Day 82 was such a non-event for me in terms of working out that I don’t even remember what I did. That’s sad. So we’ll just count it as a rest day, and I’ll secretly tell myself I did a 6-mile run so I can pretend I earned some extra credit. 

But then. Oh, people. Saturday was a day…which will live…in infamy. Let’s talk about the leg-hair first, shall we?

Random May 004

See, upon first glance you’d THINK that the point of this picture is to show off my sweet new shin-braces, and sure, maybe that was the photographer’s goal. But all I see here is a fine aura of fairy-spun golden tendrils adorning my legs like stardust. I don’t know why anyone would EVER take a razor to this beauty. (That’s some foreshadowing for my next post.)

May 21, 2009

Half-marathon training: Days 78, 79, 80, and 81

Great scot, friends, I’ve really fallen down on my half-marathon training blog duties. This is in large part due to the fact that my workouts are starting to run together (HAHA I MADE A PUN WITHOUT EVEN TRYING!). But this week has had some twists for me and I would like to share them with all of you lovelies.

Hill workout! 003

Monday, Day 78, Molly invited me to do a hill workout with her. This basically entailed a short warmup, followed by running up the quarter-mile-long hill pictured above and jogging (or should I say “yogging”) back down. In all, it was 2 miles of pure h-e-double-hockeysticks. Molly was almost embarrassingly faster than me, especially on the last rep when I passed a nine-week-old cockapoo puppy and was forced to stop for some face-licking and cuddle time. I asked her to take a picture of me after she finished the last climb. Instead of being the harrowing portrait I envisioned of my struggles, it’s pretty much evidence of how far behind I got. Oh well.

Hill workout! 004

Why do I always look like I’m power-walking when my running buddies snap photos of me? Because it sure as eff doesn’t feel like power-walking.

May 13, 2009

Half-marathon training: Days 71 and 72

Perk #12309812407124 of living with Molly and Jesse: Molly lets me come on her runs with her. I’m not going to make a habit of it because she’s much faster than me and even though she pretends I don’t slow her down, I deffffffinitely do.

Today was supposed to be a 4.5-miler, but when Molly offered to be my running buddy I led myself – like a lamb to the slaughterhouse – into agreeing to go with her on her 6-miler instead. I shouldn’t complain, though, because it was actually a lovely run and a great challenge for me. After the first 3 miles, we did four fart-licks: two for 2 minutes, and two for 2.5 minutes. I just about keeled over. We ended by running back up Queen Anne hill, which for you non-Seattle folks is a ridonkulous mountain directly north of downtown.

Most of the time, though, I wasn’t thinking about how hard I was working because I was chatting with Molly and visiting two of Seattle’s most beautiful places: Myrtle Edwards Park and the Sculpture Park (which are next to each other).

Sculpture Park

THEN, when we came home, we did a 6-minute set of abs and a set of push-ups – although for me push-ups are more like arm-twitches while in the push-up posish. So, basically, I get extra credit galore for that amazing workout, which makes up for yesterday when I did some half-hearted strength moves throughout the day. Gold star for meeeeeee!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a deeeeeeelicious vegan recipe and ANOTHER makeup review and also a special surprise that I can’t talk about tonight but will be screaming from the rooftops tomorrow.

May 11, 2009

Half-marathon training: Days 68, 69, & 70

Dave and I officially moved into the Best Living Situation in the Universe over the weekend, and I’m finally back to my normal fake-work schedule. We’re living with our friends Jesse and Molly who got married last summer, and they’re showing us the ropes of married life before we take the plunge in July. Friggin awesome.

So, obviously the move-in was the reason for the lull in posting over the weekend, but if you know what’s good for you, you were celebrating the mothers in your life anyway and not wasting your time enriching your life by reading blogs.

As you may or may not have deduced, last Friday (aka Day 68 of this training shizz) was a rest-slash-butt-clenching day of travel for me. The following morning, Day 69, was…well…I’ll let the “after” photograph speak for itself:


May 7, 2009

Half-marathon training: Day 67

All’s I have to say about my run this morning is BOOYA.


May 6, 2009

Half-marathon training: Day 66

Here’s how I got to the gym this morning:


See, we’re not a sports car family, but two years ago my dad won a BMW by getting a hole-in-one during a sponsored golf tournament, and a few months later my uncle won this little beauty in a prize drawing. Go figure. I guess we’re lucky. 

My grandfather gets to keep the red Corvette in his garage because my aunt and uncle live in a town that has snow for most of the year. So obviously we have to drive it to the gym each morning. And I’ll be damned if every single person I’ve met there hasn’t made a comment about our ride. “You tell your grandfather that I’ll be happy to take that little car off his hands for him if he wants.”


That’s my dad (the tall one) after he won the BMW. All versions of “HOLE IN 1” were taken when he tried to get vanity plates, so the plates on his car say HO-LYN-1. Classiness runs in the family.

Anyway, the workout today was an freakishly hard strength routine. I followed Pa around the gym and did most of his moves – bicep curls, bench press, leg press, tricep pull-downs, chin-ups, etc. – and I had to cut the weight by more than half every time. My grandfather and his pals in the weight room don’t mess around. I saw one 86-year-old bench press more than 200 pounds. Right afterward, he came up to me and said, “You’re not going to embarrass us on the treadmill again, are you?” Uh, dude. You’re embarrassing me. After every machine, I would sneak the weight back up to a respectable amount so the next person wouldn’t know what I weakling I am.

I finished up with a 10-minute ab routine and called it a day. My arms feel like wet noodles, so I’m sitting here trying not to use them – and Pa is in the garage refinishing a chair. So, yeah. I got schooled by my grandparents again. I hope I’m as awesome as they are when I’m a grandma.

May 5, 2009

Half-marathon training: Days 62, 63, 64, & 65

Okay, people. Time to get on track with this half-marathon training. As expected, being in Vegas wasn’t exactly conducive to working out, so I’m glad I planned ahead and only had to do cross-training after my swim/run day on Friday. Originally said cross-training was supposed to involve more swimming, but then I ended up staying out till 5 in the morning to witness one of our girls almost marry a British guy who proposed to her at 4am with a knotted drink straw. True story. Luckily, as our dear bride reminded me before I left, dancing all night burns some serious calories. And the 3 pounds I’ve lost since are proof of that fact.

Saturday’s “workout” consisted of hauling ass between the MGM Grand and the Bellagio – you’d be surprised at how far apart they are – and then dancing like a crazy woman for a good four hours. Not too shabby. You can see how hard we were working:


Sunday was a rest day. Good thing, too, because here’s how I felt about working out: