About moi!

Me when I was four - my cuteness peaked early

Me when I was four – my cuteness peaked early

I’m a 20-something living in Chicago with my best friend and husband, Dave. We got married July 25, 2009 in Seattle, where our roots are, then came straight back to the Windy City so I could start business school. On January 10, 2010, we brought home our son, Baxter. He is the light of my life. I don’t know how I existed before him.

In 2011, we graduated school, I started working in brand management in Chicago, and we bought our first home. It is my dream-home. I already mourn the day we have to leave it (there are no plans for that, but I’m nothing if not a pessimist).

I started this blog with one teensy goal: to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ll know I’ve succeeded when I wake up each morning excited about the day ahead and proud of the day behind me, but I realize that this will be a daily choice I have to make.

A lot of what you’ll read about here are my struggles with my new running career. I was a swimmer and water polo player growing up and in college, so I’m a bit of a newbie to the idea of working out alone, on land. And believe me, I TRIED to avoid running. I’ve come up with some wacky plans in the past couple of years in a desperate attempt to get in better shape. One time I decided I was not allowed to sit for a full 12 hours. That was a friggin’ awful idea and lasted less than a day. The next morning I couldn’t walk because my calves were sore, and I would have gotten more benefit from a 30-minute jog. So, yeah, I’m still learning about how to keep myself in shape without the structure of a team and daily practice.

Some random shizz about me: I went to the most awesome undergrad school on the planet, Pomona College. My mom is a New York Times best-selling novelist, and we co-wrote a book called How I Planned Your Wedding: The All-True Story of a Mother and Daughter Surviving the Best Day of their Lives. It’s out January 25, 2011, and if you love me you’ll buy it. I think it’s a pretty good read for anyone, but particularly brides who are feeling cray-cray just because their own wedding planning experience isn’t going exactly according to plan. My wedding had an average budget, an average level of drama, an average level of insane mothering…and it was absolutely the best day of my life.

In my spare time, I read like a bazillion blogs and cook delicious (and sometimes disgusting) food. I use cumin in just about everything I make, but so far I haven’t gotten any complaints, so cumin nay-sayers can suck it! Also, on a totally unrelated note, I love cute things.

Everyone in my life, including Dave, calls me Wiggs. It’s my last name. I actually prefer it to my first name. And…uh…that’s about it…I guess? If you’ve got anymore questions about meh, leave a comment and I’ll respond.

32 Comments to “About moi!”

  1. Wiggs,

    Your mother’s been helping me a lot with my budding writing career, and I think she knows how to contact me directly. I spent my corporate/legal career in Chicago. Unfortunately, I don’t know anybody at U of C (great for finance) or Northwestern (great for marketing), but nobody at DePaul (great for entrepreneurs) has the cojones to say “no” to me.

    Enjoy running along the lake and all the wholesale shopping in Chicago! The ethnic restaurants, of course, are fab-u-lous! I miss the Art Institute and the fireworks on the 3rd of July and Ravinia. But, I do not miss the weather!

    Good luck. . .let me know if and when I can help,
    Carolyn Drake, MBA/JD

  2. Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog because it led me to yours! It seems like you have a fantastic blog going on here! Where are you from since you said that you moved to a different country to be with your fiance? I lived in Sweden for the past 2 years and we came back to the states for awhile to figure out what we wanted to do but it is just crazy to think I will never live in the states again but I am looking forward to living in Sweden! Best wishes!


  3. Hi! Actually, we didn’t move from a different country – we moved ACROSS the country. We were in Seattle and came out to Chicago. So it’s definitely not as far as you have to move!

  4. thanks for the nice comments on my blog; i hope you enjoyed the dt sprite through the nose too…

  5. Wiggs – I’m so glad you found me! A few more similarities to add to our twin-dom… I was a swimmer in high school, and never comfortable working out on land. I am an only child, although my parents divorced when I was 17 and I’ve gained 4 step-siblings + in-laws since then. I LOVE cumin. LOVE it. 🙂 I’m looking forward to continuing to get to know you!

  6. OMG, it’s uncanny! I love it. 🙂

  7. What part of the city do you live in? I am training for a 10 Mile at the end of May.

  8. pomona’s a small college, right? My new officemate graduated in physics in 2005 – probably the same year as you, bc you’re my age!
    props for training for the halfsie! I’m training for my 2nd half in portland this sept (the abs workouts are def rockin! have you ever tried v-ups? KILLER).

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and I flipping love it! You are hilarious. I’ll def be back for more…

  10. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog from Itzy’s Kitchen. It seems we have a lot in common! I too moved across country for my husband’s grad school (he’s now a 3rd year dental student), I work in marketing, need to get in better shape – gained that extra 10 after marriage… also in high school I was the swim team manager (not technically on the team but a big part of it – ha!). I love your posts on ab exercises and I want to start training for a half marathon. Just wanted to say hi and I’m looking forward to your posts!

  11. Hey Wiggs – so fun meeting you today! Glad I was able to check out your blog too!

  12. Hi there! I came across your blog after seeing your ab workout on ‘Oh She Glows’ and I love it! I’m a former competitive swimmer as well and I’m right there with you when it came to gaining weight and figuring out how to work out on LAND after college! Definitely a challenge! I think the hardest part for me was curbing my eating habits a bit. I got so used to eating a ton and then burning it off during 2.5 hour practices and that doesn’t translate so well in the “real world”. I’ve started running and am slowly starting to enjoy it a bit but I’m still a swimmer at heart!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say “hi” and keep up the good work!

    Just out of curiosity what events did you swim? Also, have you looked into joining a masters team at all?

  13. Thanks for the support on the long distance. Makes me feel better to know there are people out there who are doing it/have done it. It sucks, but I just have to keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason and it will all work out. It does make our time together more special for sure.

    ps- love the pic of you at 4! so cute!!

  14. Hi Wiggs, love your blog! I found it through a comment of yours on Cup of Jo and it’s a great source of workout inspiration. I used to work out a lot during college and was very proud of it, but somehow I screwed up last year and became a slacker. It’s very depressing and sad when you go from 10K-runs to 10-minutes-and-I’ll-be-panting-and-pausing runs.
    I’m now trying to get back on track and am happy to read your posts. Your writing style absolutely cracks me up.
    Keep it up and I look forward to reading more about your progress!

  15. Hiya, thanks for your comment! It’s really great to hear from someone who recognizes the situation I’m in right now. To read about the changes and progress you made is very motivating. Here’s to you Wiggs 😉
    BTW, like to read more about your food creations and upcoming bachelorette party and wedding as well!

  16. Love your blog!! Congrats on your engagement too!! You’re going to love married life!!!

  17. Your blog turned up in my tag surfer … its a fun read. I look forward to the rest of your adventures as you train for the half marathon (and whatever comes next).

  18. And I found you via your mom’s Facebook link. Obviously, you have picked up her writing talent. She must be so proud! I have bookmarked you and will be back for more fun!

  19. i’d love to email you some questions for a panel of experts i’m creating on my blog. you have all the answers due to your fetish for makeup, so i’d love your advice. please let me know if you’re interested.

    thank you.


  20. Congratulations on your book deal!!!! I just saw it on your mom’s blog. How fabulous!

  21. I just discovered ur blog today and O-M-G!! u are Susan Wiggs’ daughter!!!! hehe, the exclamation marks are due to the fact that i’ve read many of her books and here i am ‘reading’ her daughter’s blog! who wudda thought…

  22. I love cumin too! I’m so excited to dive into the world of Wiggs!

  23. Hey girl!
    I totally fell upon your blog, and so happy that i did! You have such a great style of writing, and i love that your from the windy city, (basically my fav city of all time!) 🙂

    I can’t wait to look around some more and to read what you have to say! I love blogging and reading blogs, so hopefully you’ll check mine out at well!!! Have an awesome day girl! 🙂

    ps. if you ever need any motivation with running let me know! congrats on that half you did (whenever it was) i’m training for my first right now, so i’m quite nervous!


    heres a link to my blog!

  24. Hello Wiggs! May I call you Wiggs? I stumbled across your awesome blog and I stumbled across your gorgeous wedding photos! You see, I met your mom many moons ago at the Maui Writer’s Conference and I am now following her on Twitter. I am an author too and have written one very good etiquette book! It’s nice to meet you and congrats on your marriage to Dave! You are a lovely couple!

  25. Hi Wiggs! I looooove your blog and just read the “about moi” for the first time. When I read your note about business school and tangential people in your life reading your blog, I laughed because I had that same convo today. It still creeps me out to even think about people I work with reading my blog! 🙂

    • Um, I totally feel you. I pretty much hate it whenever anyone I know reads this blog. While I’m totally amazing and hilarious here on The Beholder, I’m wayyyyyy better in real life. Probably because I have more to talk about than running, cooking, and weddings. So whenever people who know me read the blog, I get all shy because it’s blog-Wiggs, not in-person-Wiggs.

  26. Just found your blog and I like the reads!!!

  27. Great write up, bookmarked the blog for interest to read more thank ypou

  28. Hi There-
    Just finished reading the book you wrote with you mom – what a fun, hilarious, and very heartfelt book!! I’m in the process of planning my own wedding in the Seattle area so I cannot EXPRESS how much I can relate to some of the events you wrote about. Thanks for putting everything in perspective – and giving me some really good ideas! Props!
    – Joy

  29. What happened to Baxter’s blog???????? I know you didn’t update often but I will miss him. Not to mention what is going on with this romance thing on his last entry!

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