Some ways to not go broke

Here’s the dill: most non-filthy-rich people have to prioritize their funny money (which is what I call the leftover dollars after stuff like health insurance, mortgage/loan payments, savings, daycare, charitable donations, yadda yadda yadda). In my experience, people spend in one of the following areas: fabulous vacations, designer clothing, high-tech gadgets, sports/arts/theater events, gambling, fun stuff for their kiddos, or nice cars.

In my case, my house is usually where I splurge if I have extra funds. Still, I’d be a fool to spend more than I need to, and I’ve become pretty adept at mixing cheap stuff with not-cheap stuff to achieve an overall effect of pure awesomeness. And I thought you might be interested in some of the non-wallet-breaking objets I’ve found (that’s “objects” in French, which makes me ultra-classy).

When I was budgeting and scouting out stuff for our new place, I came across this amazing image:

Source: Buckingham Interiors + Design


Ugh. I just HAD to have those honeycomb lanterns. It was LIFE or DEATH, I tell you. And then I contacted the incredibly talented designer, Marjorie Skouras, and found out that these lovely pieces will cost you three grand. Each. So…nevermind. I definitely don’t have that kind of funny money for something non-necessary like cool lighting (but if you do, Marjorie is great and her pieces are impeccable) (also, if you have that kind of money, let’s talk because I have some presents I’d like you to purchase for me).

A few weeks later, I found these dudes from Urban Outfitters, for 70 bones.


After hemming and hawing for about a year, I finally bit the bullet and ordered two.

They came in the mail, and they look quite lovely. Are they as good as the $3,000 versions? Nope. Do I care? Double-nope.

We went to Home Depot and got two pendant kits (about 15 bucks a piece). It turns out that my Canadian knows how to install lights. It took him about 15 minutes per pendant and I couldn’t tell you what he did because my job was to hold the flashlight and get bored. I’m sure Young House Love can tell you how to install a light if you need to know – it’s really not hard.

Anyhoo, here are the results:


Ahem, pardon the blurriness. How annoying.


Baxter is feeling uncertain about them, but he’ll get over it.


The antique mirrored piece gets the distinction of being the “not cheap” part of this little vignette. The coat rack is from Urban Outfitters (oops…I usually try to avoid more than one thing from the same store in the same space, because that’s when it gets obvious that you’re not a millionaire). I got the paintings a few years ago for a couple hundred bucks from a local artist. Annnnd the runner is from Rugs USA.


I have more posts like this to share…but I’ll let you marinate on this one for a while.


7 Comments to “Some ways to not go broke”

  1. Oh man, your home is so purdy. The new light fixtures are like works of art. Also, your Gallery Wall from yesterday looks wonderful. I like how you chose pieces that you and Dave have a personal connection with and not just for the sake of beauty.

  2. I think they are just as fabulous as the $3000 ones. Good find 😉

  3. Is that little owl guy a candle from Anthropologie? I have the same one! Well, two of them for my dining table.

  4. Really neat dining table and chairs! Happy New Year!

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