How I know I’m good at interior design

Do you watch a little something called Million Dollar Decorators? I do. I call it “EM-DEE-DAYYY!” and I have a special dance I do during the theme song. I was watching last night’s episode when I caught a little glimpse of a little something:




Okay, it’s a little hard to see. Here, I took a crappy photo of my TV for you.


See that mirrored vanity under the mirror? Placed there by Martyn Lawrence Bullard in the home of Clueless ingenue Stacey Dash?


MY vanity!

Sorry, you probably aren’t cray-cray like me so you can’t see it yet.

MY vanity 1

That’s in MY bedroom! It’s my vanity! I sit there and put on makeup EVERY DAY!  The top flips up and there’s a mirror inside. Here’s a link to it. Yes, it was expensive, but here’s a tip about Horchow: never, EVER buy anything full price, because they always put stuff on sale. Also, they raised the price since I bought it, damn them.

I find it interesting that Martyn basically recreated the Horchow photo for Stacey. Probably because it looks gorge.

Anyway, that was a moment of seeeerious validation for me. And it’s come full circle. I was inspired by the bedroom Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed for Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. My goal was to create a masculine version of it.

Ozzy Bedroom

And, since ’tis the season and all, here are some assy photos of my Christmas tree from my cell phone. We put up our decorations on November 1st and I’m already sad about taking them down. October 1st next year, baby.

Xmas tree lights

We have all silver, white, and glass ornaments.

Xmas tree daytime

West Elm had these GORGE silver feather thingies. I got twelve, and they make the tree glitter, which you would be able to see if I weren’t lazy and would just get my stupid camera out and take a stupid picture.

West Elm feater

I picked up these babies last year at Cost Plus.

white xmas tress

And then these little mirrored trees came from Target.

Mirror xmas trees

Last but not least, the branch candle holder came from Cost Plus (such a good place for cheap holiday stuff).

Branch candleholder

Now I’m thinking I need to fluff my tree, because it looks a little not-full in the photos. I guess I know what I’m doing tonight.


7 Comments to “How I know I’m good at interior design”

  1. I LOVE Million Dollar Decorators! Martyn is good, but a little too full of himself. Stacey Dash is a little cray! Mary is awesome and too funny. She has such a dry sense of humor that I just love. What did you think of that home Jeffrey Alan Marks decorated? I thought it was pretty, but that living/great room looked like a hotel lobby. Your home looks like it was professionally decorated. Just lovely!

    Merry Christmas.


    • Yeah, Martyn definitely plays himself up to the cameras. Mary is by far my favorite – I love her style. As for the JAM home…some things I really loved, like the bright pink painted in the shelves and the mix of chairs around the table. Others…eh, not my style. My theory about these shows is that a lot of times the designers have to leave the spaces looking “blank” because the clients are so far removed from the design process that they’re going to have to come in and leave their own personal touches (like family photos and non-generic art). I have faith in JAM’s talent, though, because I LOOOVE his house and his commercial work is to die for. has a slideshow of the whole house and I found some spaces that you didn’t see on the show that were pretty awesome – go and check out the game room.

      • ALSO, did you know that Josh Flagg from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA, has your blue chair? He uses it as a desk chair 🙂

      • Yes! I saw Josh Flagg’s chair last season! I believe Rachel Zoe also has it in her house. I’m basically a Bravolebrity now.

  2. Totally Gorgeous!! Maybe you already realized this, but I got a good laugh…your Monogrammed coasters…one way “M”aas the other way “W”iggs. Way to go on scoring the perfect last name(s) for this phenomenon!!

    • Oh, TRUST. I’m SO glad you noticed! You should see how excited I get when I get to initial things. PLUS, if I write my E like a backwards 3, then my initials are the same shape three times…and now I’m officially a nerd.

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