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December 31, 2012

Gallery Wall Extravaganzaaahhhh

I am sort of terrified of gallery walls. Not because I don’t find them gorgeous – they really are lovely – but because I know that someday I’ll look back and be like, “That was SO 2010s of me.” Tens? Tweens? What are we going to call this decade?

But since moving into our new place, with its eleven-foot ceilings, I’ve had the blessing-slash-head-scratcher dilemma of having to fill huge wall spaces without having to sell a kidney in order to do it. So now I’m the proud owner of not one, but two gallery walls. I know. First I say I’m scared of them and then I go and put two in my house. I’m only showing you one today because I was too lazy to fix the light settings on my camera and the second wall is in a dark hallway.

So here she is, as seen from my bed (that’s what the weird branches in the foreground are).

Bedroom Collage

My Canadian and I thought it would be nice to have the wall in our bedroom covered by pictures and images having to do with our relationship. Nothing you see here cost a ton of money. The wedding prints were actually the most expensive thing up there, but taken as a whole, this wall is priceless to me. I just ordered a canvas print of Baxter to mix in there, too.

Wiggs's Modern Life

You’ll have to excuse my new watermarking skillz. In the age of Pinterest, a girl can never be too careful.

So, clockwise from the far left, in case you’re interested (if not, skip the list):

  • A canvas painting we picked up at a market in France last summer on our post-grad-school trip
  • A wedding photo by the lovely Yvonne Wong
  • A photo of the Seattle waterfront taken by my dad (all three photos in that column there are Seattle images he took and framed for us)
  • A small image of us in an innertube at a family wedding
  • Another canvas painting from France by the same artist
  • Two small photos of us high-fiving the day after we got engaged
  • A larger photo of us being ADORABLE the day after we got engaged…le sigh
  • Wait…I’m confusing myself with this clockwise thing. Okay. I think we’re heading back to the left now.
  • A HUGE, amazing painting we found in a vintage store here in Chicago (Salvage One). We have its partner in our living room. You don’t even want to know how much we paid for it, framed and everything…okay, I’ll tell you. 75 bucks!
  • A pair of photos Yvonne Wong took of us on our wedding day
  • Um…I already told you about the column of Seattle photos
  • A gorgeous painting my uncle did for us for our wedding – seriously, you guys, hit up the artsy people in your family if you’re starved for some original work in your home
  • My grandfather’s handwritten speech that he read at our wedding. Sniff. I read it every day. He’s so awesome.


I was all anal at first about the wall, thinking the frames needed to match and everything, but honestly, it was too much work. I kind of like the assortment. Be sure to tell me in the comments if (a) you have a gallery wall of your own, and/or (b) you think my gallery wall is disgusting/awesome.

Here is my Pinterest with more amazing gallery walls (and other homely inspiration) (yes, I know what homely means but I love using it when talking about my home).

Happy New Year, friends!

December 13, 2012

How I know I’m good at interior design

Do you watch a little something called Million Dollar Decorators? I do. I call it “EM-DEE-DAYYY!” and I have a special dance I do during the theme song. I was watching last night’s episode when I caught a little glimpse of a little something:




Okay, it’s a little hard to see. Here, I took a crappy photo of my TV for you.