A few of my favorite things


Pretty sure I’ve used that title for a post before. Deal with it, suckas.

In case you’ve tried to wear flip flops outside recently (and you don’t live somewhere without seasons, like California), you’ve noticed that autumn is upon us. You’ve probably noticed your local ‘bucks adding Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (barf) and Salted Caramel Mochas (gimme) to their menus.

So, in the spirit of the seasons a-changin’, I’ve put together some of my favorite cold-weather-ish things. I will also answer some questions you asked in my previous posts.


Numbers 1 & 2: The lovely Chelsea asked me for an eye cream recommendation in my last post. Here’s the deal: I’m 28, and I’m starting to get some of the laugh lines I used to be so flippant about. “Oh, la dee da,” I would scoff, “I think crow’s feet are beautiful! They add character!”

Maybe on Dame Judi Dench, but not on THIS girl. Unfortunately, Chelsea, I don’t actually have anything that I can give the official Wiggs Seal of Approval (TM) to. This Dermalogica one is the best I’ve found, but I don’t completely trust it for some reason. So I usually layer on a bit of this Clinicians Formula (apparently peptides are a very important ingredient for your peepers), wait for it to dry, and finish up with the Dermalogica. I’ve started doing it for daytime, too, and saying “screw it” to wearing under-eye makeup. I have also started sleeping on a silk pillow case (good for your hair, too). Check out Amazon for good pillow cases.

My eyes look better than they would with nothing on them…but I’m not convinced that Vaseline wouldn’t do the exact same job. So go ahead. Spend $110 on eye stuff. It’s what I did, and I’m not going to regret it, even if logic tells me to.

Numbers 3&4: Vandana asked me about the lipstick you may have seen me wearing recently. I decided to turn into a hipster and wear red lips when I go out. I know.

Here is the method I use. I won’t even try to improve her tutorial. For lip pencil, I use MAC’s Cherry color, and for lipstick, I have MAC’s Viva Glam I. Here’s the thing: if you can get yourself to a MAC counter or store, do it. Put your life in their skillful hands. I went in there thinking I knew what color of red I needed (bright, with pink in it) and they slapped me across the face and were like, “You idiot,” and handed me a tube of a brownish red color. Genius. Hit me again, MAC makeup artist.

Here are the results:

It is a testament to Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorials that the lipstick lasts through such important events as farting during the toast you’re making at your mom’s wedding…


…and awkward dancing at the end of the night. Mommy, if you’re reading this, you owe me for cutting you out of the shot. Let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the awkward dancing tree, and there’s photographic evidence.


Don’t tell me I ever let my vanity get in the way of my blog.

Number 5: This throw. I have it. It is wonderful. It is so snuggly that when I wrap up in it, the whole family (Dave and Baxter) can’t resist me. Here’s a photo of it in our house:


Number 6: Oh, that Salted Caramel Mocha. I get mine with whole milk because I read somewhere about bad hormones in BOTH reduced fat milk AND soy milk. Sometimes I’m naughty and have one for breakfast, and then spend the rest of the day feeling guilty.

Number 7: People. This is the candle to end all candles. One day, Dave and I were walking by this store when the smell of an angel wafted through the breeze to me. I immediately stomped into the place and demanded to know what I was smelling. The shop girl gave me attitude, so I scurried around with my nose in the air until I found it: Swan Creek Candle Company’s Vanilla Pound Cake. Do not question me. Buy it. Your house will smell like all of your favorite baked goods rolled into one and dipped in a Cinnabon.

I put mine on the kitchen island and wait for the neighbors to call and ask if they can have some of whatever I’m baking. This has never happened, but that’s probably because the neighbors don’t like me.


Number 8: Speaking of deliciousness, this tea is my favorite tea of all time. It has no caffeine so it’s safe for bedtime. My mom has been giving it to me with a little bit of honey in it since I can remember. If you were to lick the Sugar Plum Fairy, this is what she would taste like. How fitting that they’ve called it Sugar Plum Spice. Celestial Seasonings…you wily bastards.

How are you gearing up for autumn?


9 Comments to “A few of my favorite things”

  1. thanks for your reply! I just ordered the dermalogica one and a silk pillowcase off amazon! eeek. im not ready to be old!! 🙂

  2. 2 words: retin A. Trust me on this.

  3. sweet! i’m now officially on the hunt. also, i worship at the beauty blogs of lisa e. and the pixiwoo team…i buy anything that’s sold packaged along with the british accent

  4. Oh god. Ordering the candle NOW! I’ve been on the hunt for some delish candles, and this one sounds amazeballs.

  5. I’m never gonna try to sway you from your fave tea, but seriously…you have got to get your hands on a box of Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. My sisters and I order it by the case from Amazon all year long…its the shit.

  6. I’ve been using Paula’s Choice skincare for about 4 years now and seriously my skin has never been better. She’s the ‘Cosmetics Cop’ that reviews ALL skincare & cosmetic lines. She’s taken all her years of research and made some amazing stuff (and its AFFORDABLE).

  7. hey – where would a person get a sofa just like that? hypothetically..

    • It’s Younger brand furniture – for our HUGE sectional we paid about $3,000, which was the best price I could find for something the size we needed. I will say that it’s not going to be our forever couch – the quality of the fabric isn’t great, so I’ll eventually have to get it reupholstered or replace it – but it will definitely last for the next 5-7 years depending on how much use it gets (so far, a crap-ton).

      Here’s a link: http://youngerfurniture.com/products/sectionals-modular/Scout-Collection

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