I’m baaa-aaaack!


…well, sort of. Dude. I spent so much time away from WordPress that I can’t even remember how it works anymore. 

I had to take a break from writing after the book came out. [Insert excuses about how cray-cray my life got here.]


Anyway, thank you to everyone who keeps emailing and Facebooking me about missing my blog. It really means a lot to me. Seriously. I appreciated you guys so much. See? This is my appreciative face:


A brief update: the Canadian and I finished grad school in 2011 and have been working grownup jobs ever since. We bought our dream-home about a year ago. Baxter is friggin’ awesome, as per usual. Life is pretty good, and pretty normal, and pretty busy. So here’s the deal: I’m not promising that I’m going to be posting full-time, and my posts will probably have fewer photos I took myself, since I don’t have time for that shizz. Instead, I’ll show you guys stuff I’ve been stalking on the internet and use foul language as much as possible. Shit. See? It begins. I will try to avoid too many navel-gazing posts (like this one, ahem, whoops).

Oh, and I was also a matron-of-honor in a particularly awesome person‘s wedding…



I promise I didn’t wear my workout clothes during the ceremony.

Speaking of non-Wiggs-original photos, all of the above were taken by the uber-talented Sergio

Anyway, as quickly as I say the posts will be less photo-heavy, here are some shots of our new house. I’m very in love with it and very proud of it. These images are a little old and we’ve already updated the CRAP out of our place…I’ll probably share it bit-by-bit with you when the mood strikes. See? There I go, already being a tease. What a jerk. 







To all of my regular readers, I love you for still being here with me. And I reeeeally hope I’m not being a tease and making promises I don’t intend to keep.

Now! Readers, old and new: give me your life updates! What’s new in your ‘hood?


28 Comments to “I’m baaa-aaaack!”

  1. WIGGGSSSSS!!!!!! I’m SOOOO freaking glad you are back! YAYAYAYAYAY!

    and – i LURVE the blue chair,…and LURVE the bed….and LURVE LURVE and am begging you to tell me where the hell it is from the bedspread!

    OMG – best day every! (well it is also my pup Mason’s bday so the stars were already aligned for greatness)


    • Happy barkday, Mason!!!

      So…the bedding is a bunch of stuff from random places: the duvet cover is from Crate & Barrel (they don’t sell it anymore but I found a similar one from West Elm). The knitted throw at the foot of the bed is West Elm, along with the square throw pillow. The other pillows are from Crate & Barrel and Macy’s. I basically got a bunch of random white bedding in different textures.

  2. I was just going through my google reader list the other day and thought, “whatever happened to that girl?” Now I’m glad I didn’t unsubscribe. I was always a lurker before, but your posts usually cracked me up.

  3. OMG I was seriously just stalking the hell out of your Facebook to see where you have been!!! So glad to see you’re well and happy 🙂 are you still in Chicago?

  4. Wohoo! So so SO glad you are back!! I’ve really missed your posts! Love the bedroom….very chic!

  5. I’m very glad you are back! Is there any chance you can get pregnant (like me) and then tell us all about your experiences….because when i was getting married- it was awesome & helpful reading your book/ blog—- now, I have been forced to read other people’s unfunny mom/pregnancy blogs that aren’t so hilarious—and it stinks—so please base your family planning on me – thanks! jk- but glad ur back forreal!

    • I’m trying to keep it to one major life change per year, so the new house/job already has me over my quota. But I DO obsess from time to time about nursery decor (probably because that’s the only type of room I haven’t decorated yet). Maybe I’ll do some posts about that. HOWEVER. Have you found Modg yet? She’s knocked up and HILARIOUS. I also like STFU Parents. Congrats on your little one! When are you due?

  6. Yeah! Missed you, your posts make me smile after tough days 🙂 Adore the bed frame 🙂

  7. Sooooooo excited your back!

  8. Wiggs! Good to have you back! Talk to me about your bedside tables. I’m a little bit in love. I have my eye on a couple from Ethan Allen. Where did you get yours?

    • Well! Let me tell YOU. I got the vanity on my side of the bed from Horchow. Never buy anything from there. They are horrible to work with, don’t deliver stuff on time, don’t give you refunds when you need them…yadda yadda. But just look for mirrored vanity and you’ll find something similar, if not the exact same thing. That said, Horchow has sales ALL THE TIME so you can save, like, 30% on something as long as you’re willing to get a migraine over it. The mirrored drawers on the other side of the bed is from Glam Furniture. Luckily mirrored furniture is all the rage these days, so you can find stuff in your price range pretty easily. Make sure you tell me what you end up doing!

  9. Wow, in a matter of 2 days both you and Miranda have returned to blogland. I’ve missed you – and to tell the truth worried a bit too – (it is just a thing people in the mom generation do). Anyway, happy to have you back!!

  10. You are finally back girl. Thought you had given up on your fan base. Naughty gir. Now must let you know that there are a number of us Canadian girls who live on beautiful islands who want to know how things are going. How are things on the job front? And your fabulous hubby – how come no news about him, huh? Enjoy your funny posts so keep them coming.

    A Canadian fan!

    • Aw, thanks! The jobs (for both of us) are great. I don’t have good updates on the Canadian because he’s…well, kinda boring. He’s happy, but boring (for a blog). Though we did do Trunk Club and that was a Win with a capital W.

  11. Who hoo!!! So glad you’re back. I was cleaning out my reader the other day and ALMOST deleted you since it had been so long, but I held on to the hope you’d return! yay!!!

  12. Gah! So happy you’re back and I can’t believe it took me almost a month to figure it out! (I’ve been protesting Google Reader ever since they changed their sharing settings) What’s been going on…my baby is 2, and I’m knocked up with another! Hahaha! (Don’t worry, its legit) aaaaaaaaand since my favorite beauty guru (ahem.) decided to take a hiatus and get on with her real, professional life, I’ve totally been sucked into watching Beauty Guru videos on Youtube. Are you even aware? Its is insane. And awesome. And I can’t stop watching. I have so many favorites! And I’ve never purchased so much make up in my life! But I’m lookin’ good and that’s what counts! Thanks for adding me on Facebook! Never lost hope in your return!

    • Oh, I KNOW. I love them. Some are hilarious…some are crazy….they’re all wonderful. I could watch their videos all day long! Congrats on being pregnant – how exciting! Are you doing a new nursery?

  13. Not planning to do anything unless its a girl, I’ll spruce it up a bit and make it a little more girly! It was pretty unisex to begin with! Your mom sent me the sweetest little elephant piggy bank for my 1st and I’ll probably keep it in there because it is so adorable! Have you ever seen Design Sponge’s nursery features? They make me look like I dumpster dived at Kmart! Hahah!

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