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March 2, 2011

Gettin’ my pose on

amy adams oscars 2011 red carpet

Okay, so normally I don’t like to post a ton of photos of me and what I wear because usually the answer to any question you might have about my outfit is “My workout clothes” or “Anthropologie.” But. You guys. Apparently I’m late to the ball here, but there’s this new-fangled thing called Rent the Runway and it has changed my life. Bachelorette parties, formals, appearances for my book tour, any other occasion where I need to wear a dress…it’s amazing.

March 2, 2011

Miss me?

ALERT!: I’ll be interviewed tomorrow morning on WGN Midday News between 11:35 and 11:40am, Central Time. For 3-4 minutes! It will be amazing. I will probably be peeing myself off camera. If you get WGN where you live, tune in!

From Lovely Package

Yes, yes, I fell off the face of the earth again. My schedule is cray-cray right now, mostly in a good way, but it means that if I need to spend an hour and a half doing battle with a roach in my bathroom, other stuff gets pushed aside. (As the resident Texan in our condo, I am responsible for roach warfare when they crawl up the drains – Dave grew up in Canada where there are no creepy crawlies and everyone poops rainbows and sunshine.) So! All of this is a long-winded introduction to my idea for you: follow my shared Google reader items! I read about a bazillion blogs and share the CRAP out of my favorite posts (which, I’m sorry to say, blow mine out of the water). This way, even if you can’t read my ramblings, you’ll at least get to see what I’m loving (and get your much-needed procrastination done for the day).

From Tom & Lorenzo, nee Project Rungay

The blogs I read pretty much mirror my interests: design, hilarity, makeup, weddings, interior decorating, cute things, cooking, and Mormons. About that last one: yes, I, a decidedly non-LDS person, have a deep love for all things Mormon (seriously, Dave and I honeymooned in St. George, Utah, and you bet your ASS I went to all of the LDS landmarks). Trust me, you will too when you see these blogs.

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Here’s the link. Click it. Own it. Love it.