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February 18, 2011

Interview tiiiiiime!

You guys can listen to my lisp some more if you want.

*note: I LOVED Michael Bogar, the guy who married us – I said something about “missing out” on having Paul Sladkis at our wedding but it wasn’t a criticism of our officiant!

Here’s the email conversation between my mother and me during our morning of radio interviews last week. So, you know, consider this your “behind the scenes” look at being a writer on satellite radio tour.


From: Susan Wiggs
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 4:11 AM
To: Elizabeth Wiggs Maas
Subject: no plopping sounds

or piddling sounds


On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 4:12 AM, Elizabeth Wiggs Maas wrote:

it’s prime plopping time here


On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 4:13 AM, Susan Wiggs wrote:

do it silently
February 14, 2011

VD lips in action!

I almost forgot to show you guys the picture of my VD lips in action. Yeesh. I don’t like makeup posts when I can’t show you what it looks like in the real world. Here’s me and Baxter at a VD party over the weekend. Unfortunately, it’s the only photo of me from that night, so you’ll have to trust that my lips were poppin’. Gross. I won’t use that term again in the future.

February 14, 2011

I have VD lips


Ohhhh, VD jokes are never not funny to me. Anyway, just in time for your hot date tonight (with Brad Womack, if you know what’s good for you), here’s my new favorite way to get all tarted up. See, when you’re on t.v. they tell you to wear lipstick because the lights wash you out. So obviously I had to whip out every lip stain and stick I own to find the perfect shade. Hot pink. For VD. {Also, speaking of being on t.v., you can watch me and my mom here. And keep your eyes peeled for a bridesmaid Molly cameo or two, AND look for my awkward facial expressions because I had no idea where to look when I wasn’t talking.}

February 7, 2011

This is what I wore

Actually, the title of this post should be “This is what my friends told me to wear.” The day before my book launch party, Aubrey, Lindsey, and Molly took me shopping so we could accessorize the blush-colored dress I got from Anthro last year. A pair of boots, necklace, belt, and navy blazer later, here I was:

Look at that determination, people! That’s an outfit right there. And you guys noticed! I got lots of compliments and I figured I’d share the outfit recipe with you so you could dress up as me for H-ween this year. Ha. Um. Right.

Annyhooo, since we all know I’m completely and totally addicted to Polyvore, I figured the best way to share my outfit with you would be to make a new set!!! And for everything except the belt, I tried to find inexpensive versions that wouldn’t put a dent in the ol’ wallet.

How I Planned Your Wedding
February 4, 2011


How about a break from the OMG-MY-BOOK-IS-FOR-SALE-DON’T-YOU-LOVE-MEEEE posts? Because for serious, blotchy skin and zits don’t give a crap about whether or not I have a book out. Right. So. PEOPLE. My life, it has been changed. I’ve talked before about how I don’t have the best skin in the world…and that fact has never been so apparent as it is right now, while I’m continually drying it the hell out with sub-zero winter air, then slathering it with goopy moisturizer. Recipe for disaster. Luckily, a little lady known as Julia came to the rescue a couple of weeks ago.

Okay, enough talk. Here’s the magic potion:

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February 4, 2011


{here’s me reading}

Seriously, guys? You’re amazing. Thanks so much for all of your emails and nice comments about the book. I was a little nervy that people wouldn’t understand the point of HOW I PLANNED YOUR WEDDING but it seems like my fears were unfounded. A couple of things: for those of you in Seattle, I’ll be doing a signing at Third Place Books on Monday night at 7. We’re giving away some amazing stuff…last week we gave away a KitchenAid; Monday it’s something equally cool and useful, along with a bunch of other lovely gifts like sugaring (which my high school French teacher won at the last signing…hmm…)


{here’s me throwing the bouquet for the KitchenAid Stand Mixer}

ALSO…if you really do love the book as much as it sounds like you do, puh-leeeaze feel free to go to and write your review there. You’d be surprised at the impact those reviews have. Just look at Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Reviews made that book famous before it was even published.

February 1, 2011

Watching this might make you a little bit pregnant


…found at my new favorite blog sent to me by an old high school friend. I think the guy in the video should keep his eye out for me because I may have to steal that little munchkin.