Proof that I am (or will be in the future) a totally awesome wife

I decided to stick with my Polyvore addiction for another day and create a dream-living room for Dave. I don’t completely hate this one, either. I’d definitely let him do it in a basement – or even a den (probably without the frat-boy posters, though). I’m kind of on this Chesterfield sofa kick lately and I can’t say I’d turn my nose up at owning one someday, you know, when I’m a bajillionaire. Dave didn’t even seem to mind the inclusion of ceramic animals – probably because they’re black. I figure for a manly-yet-stylish room, the key is dark colors – like the navy I put on the walls. And since this was for Dave, I threw in a couple of nods to his British citizenship (plus, England is where we both studied abroad before we knew each other, so it’s kind of romantic, no?).


The husband's ultimate living room

The husband’s ultimate living room by elizabethwiggsmaas on


Pretty good, right? When I showed it to Dave last night, he said I need to do another side of the room and make sure there’s a bar. Little did he know I already pulled a link to the Jagermeister Machine for exactly that purpose.

Ladies, are your men allowed to have manspace in your homes?


3 Responses to “Proof that I am (or will be in the future) a totally awesome wife”

  1. We have that Kramer print. It’s mounted on masonite and leans against the floor behind our front door because my husband can’t figure out how to hang it properly and I want almost nothing to do with it.

    I kind of object to the idea of ‘manspace’ or a ‘man-cave’. It makes me feel like there’s an inequality in the home which doesn’t seem fair when we are demanding equality in every other aspect of life. Why should things he likes be banned to a separate room while I get essentially the whole house? This is why I haven’t demanded that the Kramer print get mounted in our storage locker in the parking garage…

    I know most people don’t use the concept of a ‘man-cave’ like that anymore… and I love the idea of separate rooms for parts of our lives that we don’t share and don’t really want hanging around our shared space all the time. I’d love to have a hobby room of my own for my piano, my painting, my sewing, my generally craftiness. And I’m sure he would appreciate a room that he can completely fill with things of his liking without needing to compromise to my own tastes.

    Of course, we don’t have near the space for that. Someday! Perhaps… For now, Kramer sits beside the door, looking quizzical.

    • Oh honey, there is a complete lack of equality in my house. Dave gets a slight amount of veto power, and I would never force him to live in a pink candyland palace, but this place is completely designed by me. I justify it with the fact that he loves our home almost as much as I do. Except for the couch. He says it’s the last time we’re buying a couch solely for looks without seeing if it’s comfortable. And that fake surfboard he won in a 5k with a beer logo on it? He can put that in his man-cave. But I’m a dictator like that.


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