Summer bedding

When Dave and I were planning the wedding, one thing that bugged both of us was creating the registry. It’s just so…selfish-feeling. And that’s saying a lot, coming from a spoiled brat like moi. But…we had a Long Talk sitting on a 600-dollar goose-down comforter in Macy’s and decided the registry was almost as much for our guests as for us. We were really doing them a favor by creating a list of all the shizz we wanted.

…HA. Just kidding. The registry is totally for you. It’s for you to get all of the nice crap you’re too cheap to buy for yourself. Yeah, yeah, it also makes gift-giving easier for your guests and guarantees that a) they’ll give you something you like and b) they won’t give you a 14th toaster. But seriously. It is awesome. Single friends come over and tell me I live in a “grownup” house and I just smile and say, “You’ll understand when you get married.” (To preempt the comment questions, the book I forgot to take off the bed is the third in this series – easily the best three books I’ve read all year – and I’ve been through 43 so far, so that’s saying a lot.)

Anyway. That’s not my main point. Here’s the deal: I didn’t want nice China because I’m too paranoid to ever actually use it, and we already had glasses and silverware. So with extra spots on our registry, I went ahead and registered for a second bedding set. I call it my “summer bedding.” I also call it “totally awesome.” At the beginning of the summer, I always get bitten with the redecorating bug, and having a whole new outfit for my bed is a great way to make a change without giving Dave hives over my shopping addiction hobby.

(Here are the sources for the bedding: duvet, sheets, and Euro shams; shaggy throw pillow; beaded throw pillow was from Macy’s but isn’t available anymore; rose throw pillow, knit throw, standard pillow shams)

Oh, for reference, here’s our…uh…”winter bedding,” I guess? (This was before we got a new rug and my 80-dolla headboard.) I love this version too, but I’m glad I get to change between the two.

Baxter approves.

How about you people? Do you have two sets of bedding? What other crap do you do to avoid going broke when you feel like redecorating?


5 Comments to “Summer bedding”

  1. What? I freaking love it all. The headboard. I want that. The knit throw. Want that too. Crap. I’ve been married for like, six years and I definitely DO NOT live like a grownup. Am off to pout.

    Good job on the summer bedding though.

  2. I love all the white! I live in Dallas, so it’s necessary to have a lighter comforter for the summer months — mine is more like a thicker sheet than a comforter. It definitely helps with the boredom of sleeping in the same ensemble month and month. By the time fall comes around, I can pull out my soft marshmallow down comforter and it feels like something new!

  3. So completely hear you on The Hunger Games trilogy. I love it so much I’m rationing the last book.

    • Oh, I finished it in a day and a half. I couldn’t set it down. It’s amazing. I told my friend last night that I wish I could forget the whole series and re-read them.

  4. I looove the Hunger Games books. I was in Greece for a class trip (do you go to Kellogg?) and was quite disappointed that I couldn’t buy Mockingjay on its release date. But I bought it during our layover in Philly and read w/in 24 hrs despite jetlag and detoxing.

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