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August 26, 2010


I've taken up a crap-load of (totally worth-it) time

Okay, peeps. Finally – FINALLY – my year of battling epic amounts of business is finally coming to a close. It’s cuh-razy to think about what I’ve accomplished in the past 16ish months. Here’s a list, so you can be impressed and leave me a compliment in the comment section:

1. Got married

2. Wrote a book

4. Finished my first year of business school AND did pretty damn well there if I do say so m’self

5. Landed an internship (and hopefully full-time job!!!!) at a totally awesome company

6. Edited the book

7. …thrice

8. Got a wonderful little dog

9. Trained said dog until the only thing he can’t do now is “come” (which is a pretty big one…dammit)

10. Dealt with anxiety

12. Ran two half-marathons (including one I didn’t actually train for)

13. Wrote about 100 posts (I know it seemed like a lot less)

14. Designed my mother’s living room (see below) (it’s my second Polyvore ever; give me a break) (okay, it’s pretty bad…but still cute, right?) (RIGHT?)

15. Lost 20 pounds, then gained 7 back but SWORE that I would lose them again

16. Watched more than 20 complete reality show seasons

17. Wanted to kill myself for admitting to #16

Did anyone notice that I missed #11? And that I added a couple of non-items to that list? (yeah, I had “…thrice” on my to-do list this year)

…and now I have a teensy little break. My summer job has come to an end, school hasn’t started up yet, and all I have to do for about a month is write whatever I feel like writing and hang out with the VIPs in my life. Oh, and watch a TON of television. Let’s not kid ourselves. I’m not even picky about it. I definitely watched The Backup Plan and Clash of the Titans today and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

I’m not going to make any wild promises, but I want to give my blog a little love since it fell by the wayside this year. So…booya?

August 2, 2010


Will post the deets soon. It was totally flippin’ awesome and I’m SO glad I did it. Incidentally, the time I got on this half-marathon is about exactly what Dave got in the full marathon two years ago…so…well, yeah.

2010 Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon