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June 29, 2010


Okay, some updates and some pictures.

1. I’m working full-time and I LOVE it. I have my own cubicle! I’ve only ever worked in open-office plans or from home, but I love having my own little cubby to hide in when I’m feeling antisocial. But I have to do that annoying blogger thing and not tell you where I work, because I don’t know whether I could get in trubs for that. But it is awesome, and I have a sort-of long commute which I’m friggin’ PASSIONATE about since I get to listen to books on tape and have alone time. Is that weird? (I’m listening to The Magicians and it is…well…magical.)



Also, I love the excuse to buy business casual attire.


And…I have a private blog with my three besties where we post what we wear every day, and the other day when I was trying to take a photo of my outfit, this is what happened:


2. Um, so I may or may not be running a half-marathon in t-minus 4 weeks, and I started training for it…yesterday. Literally. Like, I hadn’t worked out in months before yesterday. I wore a heart-rate monitor and it went crazy beeping at me because my pulse got above 190. Apparently that’s bad. I’ll tell you this: it FELT bad. I think it was the 90-degree heat, paired with my terrible physical shape. I felt like such a turd the whole time – which was only an hour, since I was only running 5 miles, which used to be my short(ish) run distance. How the heck do you get back into running after you train for a race? It’s been over a year since my last half and I still haven’t been able to force myself to do it. Yeesh.

3. Cooking = nadda. No time. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember what I’ve been eating. Here’s what happened when I tried to take a photo of a cooking adventure a couple of months ago (it’s been such a long time I don’t even remember what I made):



4. This is totally random, but can I tell you how freakin’ awesome my mom is? A lady never reveals her mother’s weight, but my mom weighs the same as me right now. She’s gotten all into Yoga and she’s making me look bad.

5. I didn’t realize you people were asking me more anonymous questions on my formspring! I answered all but one question (which, I’m so sorry to the person who asked, but my family would KILL me if I answered, even though it’s not a juicy answer).

6. So here’s what I think would be awesome: if you guys requested blog posts. I have an easier time writing them when you have specific demands. (Yes, I’m basically asking you to do the work for me) (that’s what grad school is teaching me, apparently).

7. Here’s a gratuitous photo of my son:


June 20, 2010

My book cover

…we’re still in the process of ironing out a couple of details (for instance, the scrolls on the spine and left flap will likely change), but this is generally what the book will look like! I’m told that in the higher resolution version, the bride doesn’t appear to be missing a head. Here’s hoping…

What do you guys think?? Also, I have ZERO ego about the size of my mom’s name. She got all maternal when she first saw it and wanted my name to be the same size as hers since I did more of the writing, but I say we should do whatever will sell copies. If I could pretend my name was Oprah Winfrey, I’d do it.

June 8, 2010

My wedding “oops”


Something went wrong on my wedding day. And, brides, I’m sorry but something will go wrong on your wedding day – just remind yourself that it will still be the happiest day of your life and you’ll be all good. See, there was this snafu with the hotel room where I was supposed to get ready, and in the ensuing time-crunch, things got hectic. After a long chain of events that I won’t bore you with, we ended up not taking any posed family photos. The result was I didn’t get to document having three generations of my family all together in one place for the first time in 20 years. (I should note that this was NOT my fabulous photographer‘s fault – the blame lies with a naughty receptionist who will forever be on my shit-list.)


Ever since then I’ve been dying to make it up to my relatives, who were understandably upset after our wedding. Enter the perfect storm of family-gathering-times: my grandfather’s 80th birthday, my cousin’s high school graduation, and a goodbye reunion for an arm of the fam who’s moving to Australia this summer. Knowing that my grandparents, their three children, all of their grandchildren, and their great-grandpuppy were going to be in the same place at the same time, I schemed with my mother and my aunt to get professional family portraits taken during our time in Park City, Utah.


The surprise was perfect: following a post-graduation, happy-80th-birthday brunch with the whole clan, we drove down the street to a beautiful tree grove and met a wonderful photographer who you’ll meet soon. Here’s me with all of my cousins on my mom’s side of the family (the guy holding Bax above is Joelle’s future husband). The recent grad (and junior bridesmaid) is the cutie next to me with her tongue out and Joelle is the kissy-face one on the other side. My youngest cousin is second-from-the-top, also a junior BM. I’m the oldest…but I don’t always act like it.


You’ll notice that I climbed the tree wearing 4-inch heels. Baller.

The photos in this post are outtakes from my cousin-slash-maid-of-honor Joelle’s camera. I’ll post the professional ones when I get ’em.


So…that’s how I (sort of) made up for my wedding “oops.” It wasn’t the same, but in hindsight I think these’ll turn out better than any photos we could have taken on my wedding day, since my relatives and I had just spent three full days eating, hiking, and jumping on a giant trampoline together.

…oh, and don’t believe me about the trampoline?


Please take note of the embarrassed husband sitting on the steps in the background, quietly judging me. He was just jealous because he doesn’t have moves like me.

Have you ever had to make something up to your family? Do tell.