Happy Birthday to My One

Five reasons I’m glad Dave was born:

1. His laugh is so big that it fills a room. Even when it’s so loud that I can’t hear the next line on The Office, I have to smile.

2. He gets excited about EVERYTHING, even the plastic bag holder I got him for his birthday.

3. He has worked on a number of civil rights cases during his time in law school, and the impact he has had on his clients is mind-blowing. I wish I could tell you guys more. It is truly an inspiration.

4. He loves our baby as much as I do. Which is a lot. Almost too much.

5. We were talking about our life goals the other night, and his hope for us was that we find a way to better the world. He said nothing about money, or what kind of house we live in, or where our kids go to school – he just wants to leave a giant, awesome, Wiggs-n-Dave stamp of goodness somewhere.

…okay, and a bonus:

6. He loves every piece of clothing my mother or I give him, and declares that every meal either of us serves him is the best he’s ever had. In other words, he has more brownie points than he could ever possibly need.

Happy birthday, husband. Thanks for being my puzzle piece. And thanks for being two months younger than me so every year on your birthday we can say that I’m no longer robbing the cradle.


One Comment to “Happy Birthday to My One”

  1. wow! you are truly a happy couple. 😀 congratulations on finding your perfect piece of the puzzle.

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