Well would you lookie here…

While I’ve been hiding from the blog, my fabulous photographer, Yvonne Wong, has been putting together the mother of all awesome wedding posts for me. Check it out. God I love her.

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12 Comments to “Well would you lookie here…”

  1. 1) I miss your posts.
    2) That blog made me cry
    3) You and Dave looked amazing at your wedding… doesn’t it seem like forever ago?

    • I miss posting, too. I’ll get back to it…I was just saying today that I almost feel caught up on my life.

      It DOES feel like forever ago…even your wedding seems so far behind us!

  2. You and Dave are gorgeous. Did you write a little something about each person on their place cards so everyone could start conversations? That’s such an awesome idea!

    Why are you hiding? You are missed!

    • Yeah, we did. It was fun! And a nice way to get everyone acquainted with each other.

      I’m hiding because…I have so many balls in the air that I need to let a couple drop temporarily so I can make sure they don’t all drop. Balls. Drop. Dropping balls. Nice one, Wiggs.

      Anyway, I’m feeling closer and closer to being able to ramp up again. It’s just going to be slow going for a little bit.

      . . . . . . . . . .

      Elizabeth Wiggs Maas

      MBA Candidate, 2011 The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

      206.819.8914 | ewiggs@chicagobooth.edu

      . . . . . . . . . .

  3. speaking of balls dropping….that will happen to baxter soon…or has it already?

    • Ha, his peas have already descended. I call them peas because that’s the exact size of ’em. I have to touch them sometimes because part of his socialization involves touching him EVVVVVERYWHERE to make sure he’ll submit to molestation by the vet when necessary.

      Is that TMI? No? Didn’t think so.

  4. Oh, how awesome! I love these pictures. I really do. Did you notice that she put you guys in her main website, too? I was poking around her site because I just wanted some eye candy and saw that you are one of her featured couples. That’s rockstar!

    BTW, totally understand about balls not dropping ( ;0) I had to…). Just know we’ll be here whenever you get back.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I want to get married again so my wedding can be as awesome as yours looked!

  6. What an absolutely STUNNING wedding! I cannot wait to see the video!

  7. So beautiful. The details of your wedding were breathtaking, as were you and Dave.

    I miss you, hope all is well and that you’ll be back soon. Give that adorable puppy a big kiss for me!

  8. WOW!!!!
    That’s all I’m able to say right now!

  9. Just gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Can’t wait until you are back to regular posting. Trust me, I know the feeling of juggling too many balls at once.

    (You’re right…that does sound pervy…oh well!)

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