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December 17, 2009

Want to help me write my book?

Image by the fabulous Yvonne Wong

Okay, I’m only half-kidding. See, in writing this book about the whole mother-daughter wedding planning experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to learn about what a life commitment MEANS is to ask anyone and everyone.

And, OBVIOUSLY, that means you. You guys are my peeps, you know? You’re the reason I’m writing this book in the first place. So…here’s a list of questions. Answer any or all of them in the comment section. And make sure you include the name you’d like me to use if I end up quoting you in the wedding book. If you have anything extra to say that isn’t covered by the questions, let ‘er rip!

For those of you who aren’t married, I STILL want to hear from you – believe it or not, getting married doesn’t magically transform you into this wise woman who understands the core of her being. So tell me what you think, too.

1. If you’ve ever been married, describe the role your mother played (or didn’t play) in planning your wedding. Anecdotes, quotes, and copies of emails/letters are welcome. Interpret this question however you’d like.

2. If you’re a professional in the wedding industry, describe some of the lessons your job has taught you. What have you learned about the meaning of a wedding, both for the couple and for their loved ones?

3. What was unique about your wedding? Alternatively, if you’re a professional in the wedding industry, what non-traditional elements have you seen? What did these quirky touches say to you about the marriage, and what did you learn from this out-of-the-box approach?

4. Tell me your best wedding drama story. I KNOW you’ve all got ’em.

5. Tell me a mother-of-the-bride story. Professionals, what crazy mother-of-the-bride experiences have you had?

6. Based on your experiences, what are the three pieces of advice you’d give a bride and/or her mother? Feel free to only speak to the bride, or only to the mother, or to both. I’m hoping that you’ll tailor this answer to your specific background – so Jocelyn, who’s a makeup artist, might tell brides to moisturize the HECK outta themselves in the months leading up to the big day. (And if y’all have more than three rules, friggin’ list ’em!!!)

7. Anything else? Seriously – anything at all? Even if it’s totally unrelated to any of the above. Don’t hold back.

Image also by the fabulous Yvonne Wong who you should book IMMEDIATELY if you're looking for a photographer

December 8, 2009

…I’ve been cheating

Not REALLY, but here’s the deal: this isn’t a dog blog. And I don’t want to bug all of you with photo after photo of li’l Baxter once he arrives…so I sorta kinda started another blog. Just for my boy. It’s going to be a little more similar to The Daily Coyote, with more photos than words, so it won’t detract from this blog at all. Anyway, feel free to add Baxter’s Modern Life to your Google Reader or whatever if you want to see life through the eyes of my firstborn son puppy.

December 7, 2009

La neige!

I woke up to my favorite sight this morning: freshly fallen snow. I don’t know what it is about that shizz – it’s like Prozac for me. This is the first snow we’ve gotten this season in Chicago so I’m pretty much jumping out of my skin with holiday cheer and optimism, which is a stark contrast from the horrified panic I was in last night over one of the finals I have this week.

December 5, 2009

Ah, Wiggs, you are so sporadic

That’s what your saying, isn’t it? I know, I know, bad blogger and yadda yadda. My only excuse is that juggling school and book-writing and now it’s finals season and…and…feel sorry for meeeeeee!! Okay, just kidding. Anyway, things will pick up after the holidays.

Oh, and about Aubrey’s faaabulous wedding…I have to hold off on publishing photos of it. It’s very exciting and that’s all I’ll say.

I just wanted to drop in and tell you that Wednesday of this week, December 3, marked the four-year anniversary since Dave and I shared our first kiss. It was the last first kiss with another person either of us would ever experience. I’m hell-bent on still celebrating this little miniversary, since it reminds me of how much we’ve grown and experienced in the last four years…but he says it detracts from our new, cooler anniversary. What do you guys think? Do you still celebrate your old anniversary after you get married? Apprope or inapprope?

Here’s a photo taken of us the day after our first kiss. He came to my dorm room hang out and got in trouble with his friends because it was the first time he had ever ditched them for a girl. I think they forgive him now. Look how happy and giddy we were (and still are):

Who knew that four years later we’d be married? Aw, I love life.