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October 31, 2009

Smoky H-ween eyes

Alright, so – it’s H-ween and you’re getting dolled up as a slutty ______. A big part of being a slutty ______, though, is wearing slutty makeup. Incidentally, this is how much makeup I wear regularly…but oh well. I’m a classy broad and I pull it off.

smokey eyes 077

Smoky eyes are a slutty ______’s nom de plume, if you will. The trubs is, though, that most people look like they got punched in the face when they attempt this look. That’s why I like to modify it a bit, take out some of the more difficult techniques, and make it customizable depending on the colors you prefer to wear. The good news is that my method shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes, and you can really do it with just four eyeshadow colors.

smokey eyes 081

I did today’s look with purple and navy blue (and then some green in the corner for some H-ween fun) so you can see exactly where I placed each shade. I’ll tell you what you could substitute along the way, but feel free to experiment. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need 1) a light, shimmery color, 2) a medium shade that will be the main color of your look, 3) a deep black or brown matte shadow for lining, and 4) a deep, shimmery color for blending the liner.

smokey eyes 079

Let’s get BOO it, shall we? (HAHAHAHAHA I AM HILARIOUS!)

October 30, 2009

The grossest vegetable invented

Roasted vegetables 004

People, I used to haaaaaaaaaaaaate Brussels sprouts. My mom always prepared them by boiling the crap out of them until they became off-white lumps of mush and smelled like bad morning breath mixed with dirt. I believe – and my mom can probably back me up – that I never once at a Brussels sprout while living under my parents’ roof.

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October 27, 2009

What a GREAT idea

Christina suggested that I do a smoky-eye look for H-ween. Well, ask and ye shall receive. It’ll be up on Friday. I might just do some trollop-style lipstick, too. You know, cover all of the bases.

October 26, 2009

Same old, meme old

I have a spare two-point-eight seconds to do a blog post. Don’t worry, photos from Aubrey’s wedding are right around the corner, AND I did some impulse produce shopping so expect a couple of good recipes just in time for fall, AND I’m going to give you an update on my working out/health routine soon…but for now, you’ll have to settle for this li’l meme that’s been going around the blog world. Also, just for grins, here are the hands of my three best friends and me. We should be a friggin’ diamond ad.

Wives unite!

Scratch out the items on the list that you’ve done in your life…

Graduated High School.
Kissed someone.

Smoked cigarettes.
Rode every ride at an amusement park.
Collected something really stupid.
Gone to a rock concert.
Gone fishing.
Watched four movies in one night.
Gone long periods of time with out sleep.
Lied to someone.
Been dumped.
Snorted cocaine.
Failed a class.
Dealt drugs.
Taken a college level course.
Been in a car accident.

Been in a tornado. {from Wiggs: on my playground when I was in second grade…it was awesome.}
Done hard drugs (i.e. ecstasy, heroin, crack, meth, acid).
Watched someone die.
Been to a funeral.
Burned yourself.
Ran a marathon.
Your parents got divorced.
Cried yourself to sleep. {from Wiggs: crying is WAY too energizing to put me to sleep.}
Spent over $200 in one day. {from Wiggs: how about spending LESS than $200 in a day? Here’s my most recent $200+ purchase:}

Stuff 038

A rug!!!!

Flown on a plane.
Cheated on someone.
Been cheated on. {from Wiggs: by two guys with the same name, no less}
Written a 10 page letter. {from Wiggs: Millennium Digital Media in Seattle can go straight to hell}
Gone skiing.

Been sailing.
Cut yourself.
Had a best friend.
Lost someone you loved.

Shoplifted something.
Been to jail.
Had detention.
Skipped school.
Got in trouble for something you didn’t do. {from Wiggs: I got in trouble for plagiarizing when I was little, but it turned out that I was just a good writer. WHO’S AN AUTHOR NOW, MRS. CARSON?!?}
Stolen books from the library.
Gone to a different country.
Dropped out of school.
Been in a mental hospital.
Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.
Had an online diary.
Fired a gun.
Gambled in a casino.
Had a yard sale.
And a lemonade stand.
Actually made money at the lemonade stand
Been in a school play.
Been fired from a job.

Taken a lie detector test.
Swam with dolphins.
Gone to sea world.
Attempted suicide.
Voted for American Idol.
Written poetry.
Read more than 20 books a year.
Gone to Europe.

Loved someone you couldn’t have.

Wondered about your sexuality. {from Wiggs: no, but in middle school I pretended to question it because my best friend came out. I’m sure that was a BARREL of laughs for my parents.}
Used a coloring book over age 12.
Had surgery.
Had stitches.
Taken a taxi.
Seen the Washington Monument.
Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once.

Had a drug or alcohol problem.
Been in a fist fight.
Suffered any form of abuse.
Had a hamster. {from Wiggs: I had Brownie and Whitey when I was eight (REAL creative on the names – I’ll bet you can’t guess what color they were). But then Brownie ate Whitey one night. So…}
Petted a wild animal.
Used a credit card.

Gone surfing in California.
Did “spirit day” at school.
Dyed your hair.
Got a tattoo.
Had something pierced.
Got straight A’s.
Been on the Honor Roll.

Known someone with HIV or AIDS.
Taken pictures with a webcam.
Started a fire.
Had a party while your parents weren’t home.
Gotten caught having a party while they were gone.

…Hm, moral of the story is that I haven’t really done much bad stuff. I don’t know how I feel about this “crossing out” stuff…it makes me feel like I should be working on crossing the rest of this shizz off the list. So…I guess I’m going to go pet the rats that live across the street from me and then start a fist fight. I’ll let you know how that goes.

October 22, 2009

You’re welcome.

People, you HAVE to click  here and watch the 1-minute, 37-second video. It combines one of my fave photographers, one of my fave singers, and my fave animal.

October 22, 2009

Coming soon to a computer near you…

A recap from this stunning wedding.


See if you can spot the Wiggs amongst the mustachioed bridesmaids. Then see if you can spot three of MY bridesmaids…well, I suppose I should be saying “bridesmatrons” about all of us, since we’re all married ladies now.

(photo source: Abby Ross,

October 15, 2009

In the words of Ms. Hilton, TTYS

I’m headed out of town for the weekend, to a magical place where Internet and cell phones don’t exist. I shall return with a finished manuscript. In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and let you guys attempt to read the entire text from a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magical Peppermint Soap. My dad has used it since before I was born, and it’s a smell I’ll always associate with him. (Also, this is TMI, but in 25 years of reading the Dr. Bronner’s bottle while, ahem, sitting on the throne – I still haven’t finished it. So good luck.)

But what’s a post without a photo? Here’s one I was shown in class today:


And now, for the good Doctor’s philosophy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. In fact, I’ll cushion the blow with some awesome blog posts I found around the web this week:

#1 on my to-do list

LOVE her work. Love it.

Autumn, Chicago-style

Don’t read this if you’re a republican

Why Christopher Columbus sucked

Further evidence that my wedding photographer is a master

If you watch ANTM and don’t read fourfour, you haven’t lived

This makes me feel inspired…and incapable

Healthy spanakopita?!

Why you don’t need a digital SLR (but I still DO need one because I’ll DIE otherwise)

And finally, as promised, the real meat-n-potatoes of this post. Click through if you dare.

October 12, 2009

I just died

October 12, 2009

My dad = awesome

My dad took this picture with his cell phone. Holy crap. I like to think I got in on some of his artistic genes…but…this pretty much blows my mind. And no, he doesn’t have a fancy cell phone.


For more of his work, check out his “blog” that he secretly started and didn’t tell me about. A little bird (HAHA GET IT?!??!) told me and now I’m revealing my father in all of his artistic glory to you people. No big deal, we’re just a blogging family. I love and miss my parents so much it hurts.

Tell me something awesome about one of your parents in the comments section. I’m wishing I could be with my ‘rents tonight.

October 8, 2009

Adventures in Newlywed…ness, Part II

So…now that our home is, you know, nice (thank you, wedding registry) Dave and I are on a hunt for a few key pieces of furniture that we’ve gone without for the past four years. But here’s the thing. I am of the opinion that one’s home should be a haven. A sanctuary, if you will, that feels comfortable and relaxing as soon as you step through the door. For me, part of creating said sanctuary involves having a beautiful home (see below, OBVI) with pieces of furniture that you love.

"In the Water, They Touch"

And Dave likes cheap shit.

Okay, that’s not fair. But I’m sure you can already see the issue we’re having. He wants to find a functional, inexpensive, sturdy, easy-to-clean coffee table on Craigslist that costs about 50 bucks, and that we can re-sell eventually without taking a huge financial hit. I, on the other hand, want a beautiful coffee table and am willing to pay more if I love it and believe that it’s something we’ll keep in our home for a long time.

House 004

In his book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman (who claims to be able to predict 95% of divorces by observing the way couples deal with conflict) says that “successful conflict resolution isn’t what makes marriages succeed.”