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September 26, 2009

…er…I joined Twitter. Or something.

I’m slightly humiliated to admit that I joined Twitter. See the sidebar to the left. It’s because my mom was worried I was dead when I didn’t blog for so long.

Also, my first Twitter post is lame, but true. I’m about to get on an airplane (don’t worry, I’m practically wearing a haz-mat suit so I don’t get people sick with my swine flu), and I am sharing a row with two old men who just spent two weeks on the Washington Peninsula, fishing. And not showering. I have never smelled such a powerful stench coming from a human being before.

Anyway, apparently now I’m going to measure my self-worth by how many followers I have on Twitter, so do a gal a favor and … uh … add me? I don’t even know the correct terminology to use here. I think my brain is getting addled by the smell of unwashed beards and moldy fishing vests.

September 26, 2009



People, I have the swine flu. That’s all I’m going to say about it. I don’t like making excuses for being a lame blog-writer, but I think that’s a pretty good one. Also, the swine flu’s not that bad. I mean, it’s bad enough to knock me off of my blogging game, but it’s not, like, the plague.

But I digress. I am completely overwhelmed with the wit and hilarity that you people displayed in the ol’ comments section of the contest. Some of you should be professional book titlers. Trust me, there’s a market for it. My mama and I put our heads together and chose a winner, but don’t let that make the other 114 of you feel like you weren’t awesome. We had to take the tone and focus of the book into account, so some of the funniest titles simply didn’t fit.

Okay. So let’s just do this. It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid, right? Right. Good lord, I’m nervous.

The winner, author of our current working book title, and proud new owner of a KitchenAid stand mixer, is…..

September 25, 2009

KitchenAid Winners will be announced this evening

…so get ready, people. It’s gonna be awesome.

September 20, 2009

Shop To End SMA


Friends, I know I’ve been a spotty blogger recently and I can only promise you that classes are about to start for me, my manuscript will be handed in, and my life will settle down considerably thereafter. However, even if you’re totally fed up with me and my flakiness lately, please, please click this link and read about what you can do to help end SMA. From

Our daughter, Gwendolyn, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA Type 1. SMA is the leading genetic killer of infants. It is a terminal, degenerative disease that results in the loss of nerves in the spinal cord and the weakness of the muscles connected with those nerves. SMA impacts the ability to walk, stand, sit, eat, breathe and even swallow. The mind and spirit are no different from that of a healthy baby, but the body eventually fails. Typical babies with SMA Type 1 have a life expectancy of between one and two years and they require around-the-clock medical assistance and monitoring.

I had the honor of attending the same wedding as Gwendolyn Strong and her parents recently, and in that short time I could see how much power and vitality the Strongs impart on the world. Their last name is a fitting tribute to their bond as a family.

Anyway, I’m guessing that many of you read this blog while you’re idling around the Internet, pretending to be busy with other work (that’s when I do MY blog-reading, anyway). So today, read a little bit about Gwendolyn’s story on her family’s blog, then get shopping. You know you were going to anyway. Make those purchases count, people!

FYI, here’s what I’m going to buy through the only thing that has ever fixed my blemishes overnight, the hair treatment because it makes me look like I’m in a Pantene commercial, this gift set because I SWEAR by every single product in it and they’ve never been packaged together before, this because HOLY CRAP A MINERAL MAKEUP THAT HYDRATES OMG OMG I’M DYING WITH HAPPINESS, this because it’s hilarious, and this shirt because it’s classy with just a touch of trollop (which is what I consider myself to be). …and then I will be broke. But at least I’ll know that my dollars went to help end SMA.

Mostly because I’m nosy and want to know what you’re shopping for, you tell me in the comments what you’re going to buy through (make sure you include a link to the product) and I’ll give you TWO extra chances to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer this Wednesday. That’s serious, people.

September 16, 2009

One week left!

…to enter the contest below. Get ON it, people.

Also: hilarious that many of you seem to be casting my mom as the villain in this li’l wedding planning equation. I fully agree.

(Okay, I should ‘fess up to the fact that I was a raging brat sometimes too) (okay, a lot of the time)

September 12, 2009

The contest to end all contests: KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway

I know I hinted about this a looooooong time ago, but I had some kinks to work out before I could run the contest. However, here it is. Hold onto your panties, because this is probably the best contest in the history of humankind.


As you know, my mom and I are writing a book together. It’s a funny memoir about planning my wedding, with details about my various mental breakdowns and my mom’s slightly neurotic control issues. The book’s tone will be similar to this blog: a.k.a., friggin’ awesome.

Your task is simple. Actually, it’s not simple at all or I wouldn’t be holding this contest. My mother and I cannot, for the life of us, come up with a good book title. It needs to be funny, catchy, informative, punchy, memorable… and the best we’ve come up with so far is “From Womb to Groom: The Mother-Daughter Wedding Planning Book.” So you can see why we need help.

Click here for the contest details

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September 12, 2009

Wedding video!!!

Mitch Mattraw of Cabfare Productions is pretty much the man. In addition to being an awesome dude, he makes incredible, documentary-style wedding videos. Our full wedding vid won’t be done for a while, but he sent us a sneak peek of the Super 8 footage (I’d explain to you what Super 8 is, but I can’t tell you nearly as much as Google can).

I dare you to avoid playing the air guitar with me.

September 8, 2009

Adventures in newlywed…ness, Part I

This post begins a series that I’ll be doing here on a weekly basis. But don’t get too excited. Seriously. It will just be little snapshots of things that Dave and I do as newlyweds that I KNOW I wouldn’t have done as a swingin’ single gal. I WILL, however, ask you guys to be active blog-readers and share your own related stories in these posts. Even if you’re not married. Because some of this shizz would have been good to do a looong time ago, as far as Dave is concerned.

Here’s a stressful fun way to spend a Labor Day afternoon:


See, he caught me spending 18 dollars on a 2-ounce jar of balsamic jelly and demanded that we set up a budget.

Let’s hope he doesn’t look at last month’s credit card statement and see that I threw down 26 bucks on a refrigerator magnet I thought was cute.

September 6, 2009


Wow, I disappeared there for a while, didn’t I? I have a good excuse, though – first I got to be a bridesmaid in the most stunningly beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen (more on that later once I’ve had a chance to confer with the bride) and then I came back to Chicago for a week-long, 8-hour-a-day pre-MBA accounting course. People, I won’t say I’m the dumbest person in business school, but I’m definitely the dumbest who’s willing to talk in class. At one point I asked for the definition of a stock dividend and now when people meet me they’re like, “Oh, YOU’RE the girl who didn’t know what dividends were!” (p.s. I still don’t totally understand what a dividend is, but for the 0.1% of you out there who are as confused as me, it’s when a company gives more money to its shareholders. Any financially enlightened readers out there are welcome to chime in on that one.)

Anyway, on the last day of class I also walked into a window thinking it was an open door, so that was awesome too. By the time I got reoriented and exited the room, I had left a substantial forehead grease-smear on the glass along with the last vestiges of any pride I had before starting business school.

But I am NOT complaining, and here’s why: I LOVE IT! I love being in a classroom again, and I love having cool classmates and new friends, and most of all I love tying my brain in a pretzel and being challenged finally! So booya.

Unfortch, I haven’t had a chance to upload photos of some of my recent cooking and running exploits, but I’ll do you one better. My wedding photos are finished. Here’s the slideshow from my incredible photographer, Yvonne Wong…if you get through it without crying then you’ll be the first (that said, the people who have seen it so far are family and friends, so maybe they’re biased). When you’re done watching, you can reflect on how it’s physically possible for me to STILL have a double-chin in photos even though I weighed less on my wedding day than I did when I was 15.