Vendor spotlight: My (to DIE for) videographer

A family member told Dave and me that her only wedding regret was not having a videographer there to record the ceremony and the speeches at the reception. I’m so crazy about documenting special moments that Dave even set up a video camera in the room where he surprised me with his proposal. So OBVIOUSLY I had to find the best. Videographer. Of. All. Time.

Mitch of Cabfare Productions here in Seattle is a true artist – he weaves each couple’s wedding video into a documentary, the plot of which is defined by an interview he does with the pair. Most couples get interviewed after the wedding, but since Dave and I will be heading back to Chicago we’re going to do it ahead of time. To see examples of his work, make sure you go to “Weddings & Interview Films” – Rob & Polly and Sara & Allen are my faves.

Also, people, he does Super 8 AND high-definition video. In case you’re not getting married in three weeks and thus don’t know what Super 8 is, it’s the grainy, cool-looking film that the videos above switch in and out of. (I always tell people to think of the opening credits from The Wonder Years.)

What’s most important about Mitch, though, is that he’s just a fantastic guy – and I won’t mind spending a goodly chunk of my wedding day with him nearby. When you’re choosing your photographer and videographer, you have to remember that they’ll be hanging around you during all of the most special moments – so you’ve gotta click. And it’s a plus if their work speaks to you. This made me cry just now, right here in the tea shop where I’m working.

Mitch approaches his work with an artist’s eye, and you can see the love that goes into his films when you watch them. In fact, I’ll stop blathering about him and just let you go drool over his website and blog.

Did you marrieds use a videographer? If you’re not married, do you think this would be a priority for you? Because it should be. (Just KIDDING…sort of)


4 Comments to “Vendor spotlight: My (to DIE for) videographer”

  1. We had a videographer. It was the best thing we spent money on for the entire wedding, seriously. Our photog did a REALLY REALLY crap job. Her portfolio was beautiful, she was great, we thought we had hit the jackpot, but our pictures were a disaster. If not for the videographer, I really wouldn’t have had anything that captured our day beautifully.

    Whenever my friends get married my first piece of advice is to get a videographer. no matter what.

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your photog – I’ll bet you could get some artsy person to get a screencap from your video and turn it into a really cool, grainy photograph that would look STUNNING on your wall!

  2. I know this is super random, but I read this article,8599,1908194,00.html
    today and I thought it hilariously weird, and something you might be interested in. I figure it’ll make for a good finance test, if you asked him about it pre-lil wig/dave hybrids.

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