Something borrowed

I got a FedEx from my Grammy this week…


I could tell it was something special.


…something that would make me jump around like a ninny…


…something that would be the perfect, perfect touch for my bridal ensemble (are you vomiting because I just said “bridal ensemble”? Because I am a little.)


People, I get to wear my Grammy’s pearls on my wedding day. What a dream.



10 Responses to “Something borrowed”

  1. Wow, those are amazing.

    What a luck girl :]

  2. Beeyootiful! That’s really special.

  3. How wonderful… I wish I could wear my grandmas pearls for my wedding, but alas, my aunt stole them after my grandma passed. Dumb family…

  4. That is so fun! And they are pur-ty!!

  5. Beautiful! So classic, and so special that they are your Grammy’s…

  6. How special! They’re beautiful too!!!

  7. What a wonderful, thoughtful thing for a grandmother to do!
    My daughter has my mother’s handcrafted ring that my father had made about 30 years ago. It isn’t jewelry as much as it is a part of my parents that my daughter gets to keep forever.


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