Half-marathon training: Day 96

I’ve been training for this half-marathon shizz for so long that I was sick of being worried over the distance…so I went ahead and ran a full half-marathon today. Crazy? Maybe. But now at least I know I can do it. I did the first six miles on my own, then my Canadian joined me. 

…and then my dad rolled up in his BMW sports car and started taking cell phone pictures of us:

13-mile run

13-mile run 4

13-mile run 2

That last photo features a Canadian-style fistpump of excitement by My One, since we were less than a quarter-mile from being done with the run.

I mapped out a 13-mile course along the coast of the island where my parents live because I didn’t want to negotiate any steep hills. The actual race will have lots of scary elevation-changes, so doing a flat version of the course was my way of easing into it. I gotta say, my legs held up for most of the em-effing workout, until the last three or four miles when both of my knees started throbbing. At that point, though, my man and I had gotten into a deep discussion about investment strategies and I was too confused to pay attention to my legs (these things happen when you spend so much time running next to a person, apparently). 

By the time I figured out how hedge funds work, I was close enough to the finish line that I managed to push through the pain and complete the entire race distance. I give myself a hearty BOOYA for that.

When I got home I promptly stuffed my face with about eight pounds of biscuits and gravy and passed out. 

13-mile run 3

Overall, I feel pretty fantastic. Having done this, I know I’ll be able to finish the race on the 27th without having to take any walking breaks – and with shin and knee support, I should be able to keep my pain to a minimum.

Just don’t let me forget to shave my ‘pits, because I had a disgusting amount of stubble this morning and now my arms are chafed like a mofo. It’s the little things that count, people. The little things.

Do you guys run the entire distance of your races before race-day? Or do you save the last couple of miles and trust your adrenaline to push you through?


14 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Day 96”

  1. Congrats, Wiggs! Anybody else out here in P-NW land? I think we should organize a cheering section to keep Wiggs’ spirits and energy up during her half marathon.

  2. Woo! That’s awesome!! I worry over distances too and like to know I can complete them before the race. I’ll likely do my sprint triathlon before the actual race next month 😛

    As a fellow Canadian, I can also say that is a perfectly executed fist pump.

  3. I wish I had run 13 before a few of these last races but I normally only go up to 11 or 12 during training. BE SURE TO SHAVE as I am still dealing with the pain of forgetting that before last weekend’s race!! GOOD LUCK!

  4. I only did 8 before my 10 mile and it worked out. I won’t lie, the last 2 miles were a bitch especially after my stomach rejected the gatorade or half a larabar that I fed it. You are so golden for your race. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    PS-Looking pretty strong and svelte in those pics! Going look great in your magical dress 🙂

    • The only trouble with being this “svelte” is that the dress I bought was for a much … shall we say … more well-padded figure. I hope my seamstress is able to remove 3 dress sizes, otherwise I’ll be on the Krispy Kreme diet before the wedding.

  5. I only did 20 miles before my marathons, which is pretty common and what is “recommended.” I definitely had more confidence in my second and third marathons, as I could say “hey, I’ve done this before!” You’re going to be awesome!

  6. Not jealous. Not jealous. Not jealous. Not jealous. Wait. Who am I kidding? JEALOUS!

    Is it weird that I am looking forward to -your- half marathon? It’s just that we’ve come so far. And by we, I mean you, but I’m feeling needy so I’ll go ahead and take a smidge of credit as well. So proud dear.

  7. biggg congrats, you are really going to knock this half marathon out of the park. if you can do it before hand, you’ll be running so much faster during the race because of all the excitement! can’t waitt for it! 🙂

  8. I bought my wedding dress off the rack as a sample. My seamstress took it from the size 10 to a size 2, no problem. You look hot!! Great job!!

  9. way to work it out! thats awesome you did a half before your half!!

    ps – you look teeny tiny in your pictures!! 🙂

  10. I just stumbled across this and feel like we are BLOGSOULMATES.

    I think you write the same way I talk and my dad would SO take drive-by cell phone pics of me running. LOVE IT.

  11. good for you!! that is very exciting AND smart. I only ran 20 before my 26 miles on the day of the marathon and i hit a wall right at 20 miles. i pushed through but i know it will help you do awesome on the 27th. good luck!

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