Half-marathon training: Days 73 & 74

Yesterday I went over to my friend Lindsey’s house to bake up a storm – she bakes for charity, which is amazing and I was so happy to help – and then she and Molly surprised me by having a chef show up and teach us how to cook the most delicious meal I’ve ever had in my life. The menu was a 100-mile challenge, meaning that everything we ate was produced within 100 miles of Seattle. I’m going to have to show you guys some of the recipes I learned, but that will be later. The point of me telling you about the chef is to say that although I didn’t get to my 30 minutes of cross-training for Day 73, I was on my feet all day and I was also using my mouth muscles a lot, so I don’t feel like I missed a workout.


Then, today Molly and I went on another 6-mile run around Lake Union. People. She is fast. Real fast. After the third or fourth mile, I let her scamper on ahead so she wouldn’t feel like she loafed her entire workout. When I caught up with her in front of our building, she was doing sprints, and in the words of Ron Burgundy, I wasn’t mad, I was just impressed.

But, dudes, my calves are KILLING me now. My knees managed to hold up, so that’s good, but my calves feel like Tanya Harding sent a thug after me. I’m worried because the pain is in the front of my leg and possibly this is shin-splints. I’m going to diagnose myself on the Internet, convince myself that I’m dying of a rare disease, and spend the next couple of weeks in a panic, and then spend hundreds of dollars going to doctors until they tell me there’s nothing wrong with me.


4 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Days 73 & 74”

  1. WebMD will for sure tell you it is cancer… it always is with them.

  2. Oh, and if it is shin splints… they are a bitch. I used to have to spend 15 minutes seriously massaging my shins with ice after long runs. Feels real nice…

    Much appreciate the Ron Burgundy reference. I heart Will Ferrel.

  3. Ice massage is the way to go. Also, slow stretching of the calves & ITB!

  4. whoa, Tonya Harding! You must have had to reach way back in the Rolodex for that one. Re: your pain…I think it helps to work the front of the shin to counteract the calf over-use. I would suggest flexing the foot and curling the toes upwards and repeating. Just pretend your working an old fashioned sewing machine up and down. When it starts to burn, try to hold the toes up for a bit.

    “Favorites,” at least for me, are incredibly hard to choose, buuuuuut for yet another window into the life of she who is the Beholder, would you clue us in to your favorite author (besides the obligatory—but likely sincere as well– “my mum”) and your favorite movies?

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