Mascara #4

I got Cargo’s blu_ray mascara as part of a set that included a powder, blush, and primer. I’ll say this much – the mascara is flippin’ shiny. I kind of like it.


…I’m not sure how I feel about the brush, though. It’s basically a tiny comb, so while it separates the eyelashes well, you have to make sure you’re holding it at the correct angle before you start to put the mascara on. Still, I give bonus points to anything that has bristles that are firm enough to keep my lashes from turning into a solid mudflap.



While the formula isn’t clumpy, you do have to go over your eyelashes a couple of times to get enough product on them – I think that’s just a function of having a one-sided comb instead of a round brush.


And here are the results:


Okay, I KNOW that’s a weird angle, but it’s the only way to show you exactly how the mascara goes on. Here’s a more normal angle. I edited the crap out of the lighting on this one because of the giant shadow cast by the camera, so in case you’re wondering why my skin changed color, there’s your answer.


The next mascara up for review has possibly the most awesome-slash-ugly package design I’ve ever seen. Also, in case you’re wondering: at the end of these reviews, I’m going to do a collage of aaaaaaall of my eyelash pictures next to each other so you can compare them side-by-side.


6 Comments to “Mascara #4”

  1. I am loooooving the mascara reviews…. anxiously waiting to see if my fave shows up!

  2. So far I think the Fresh is my favorite. I went to Sephora yesterday and saw that Fresh has a new formula out – something about a bird. And asked my favorite Sephora associate (yes I made good friends with a Sephora employee) about the Cargo line. She said she really liked the powder the most. What do you think so far? Wondering if it is worth it? I live in North Carolina where it is hot and can’t seem to find a makeup that doesn’t look too heavy but provides really good coverage when it gets HOT!

    • I do like the Cargo powder, but the one that came in the set I bought is too
      dark for me, so I hardly ever wear it. It’s a nice, smooth formula and
      doesn’t look super dry when it goes on. I LOOOOVE the blush that came with
      the set (I actually have a review post coming out soon).

      For powder, I swear by bareMinerals because their Mineral Veil barely has
      any color and I don’t worry about it clogging my inhumanly large pores. But
      if you’re going to be getting sweaty and dewy (who doesn’t in the Southern
      heat?), you might just consider bringing around those Clean & Clear blotting
      tissues. You’ll end up shining through just about any powder you put on, so
      you may as well use something that actually removes the oil that causes the
      shine in the first place.

  3. I’m always looking for some magic answer. And I’m pretty sure if we had a largest pores face off I’d win. AND my girl did mention the blush rocked so I can’t wait to hear about it. AND I’ll have to try bareMinerals.


  4. Cargo blush is pretty awesome… I used to use this one

    Also, I agree with Wiggs. BareMinerals mineral veil is the best. Amazing. I recently got their feather light, which is basically mineral veil with little light reflecting particles! Super subtle sparkle…

    • I have that too! I found that the shimmer was a bit much for me because my
      face is naturally shiny as frig, but I love dusting it on my cheekbones and
      the bridge of my nose.

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