I’ve been one-upped

***UPDATE*** Nice one, Wiggs. I forgot to tell you guys about how Mara at What’s For Dinner originally put this soup on her totally flippin’ sweet blog – that was when the seed of awesomeness was planted. So, yes. If you people take nothing else from this post, just bookmark What’s for Dinner and Cinnamon Quill and roll your eyes a time or two in my direction.

I was going to wait for another food post to tell you guys about this, but I couldn’t keep my trap shut. The lovely Jenn, mastermind behind Cinnamon Quill, made my Chicken, Avocado, and Lime soup. Except it’s vegetarian. And amazing. And wayyyy better than mine.


In case you were wondering how they compare, here’s the one I made. You can tell it’s not nearly as good.


Now, I know a bunch of you are veggies, so if you don’t make Jenn’s verision of the soup for dinner within the next three days, I may or may not lose all of my respect for you. And guess what?!?!? Her concoction ended up on TasteSpotting.com (warning: don’t visit that site unless you’re ready to have the biggest hunger pang you’ve ever felt).

So, not only do I feel famous, but I am also humbled by Jenn’s mastery of deliciosity. You must add her to your list of amazing blogs – she features gluten-free foods with an emphasis on vegetarian dishes. And she’s great. And I may or may not have a blog crush.


5 Comments to “I’ve been one-upped”

  1. not to mention that your soup was on my blog too 🙂
    I can’t wait to make it, and CONGRATS on the famous-ity

  2. You know how to make a girl blush. Thanks for the shout out, but really, you are the founding genius behind this delicacy. And yes, anyone who doesn’t make either version SOON is -so- not invited to my birthday party. My soup bowls are way jealous of those square ones though, I’ve gotta get me some! Keep the recipes coming, but no pressure, which is to say, PRESSURE.

  3. That’s one tasty looking soup! So trying it!

  4. Hey girl, i just started reading your blog today and went through a few posts and noticed you are moving back to seattle at the end of the month, is that true? thats where i live and dont find many bloggers from around here. I am a runner too and am training for a half, it was the rock n roll but they have too many entries and i am a poor college student so was saving up for it and then it got maxed out!!! so now i need a new one. anyways…i love all the humor in your blog! have a good day

    • Yep, I’ll be there this summer! It’s going to be nice to be where we’re
      getting married in the last two months leading up to it…otherwise I’d be a
      complete wreck.

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