Half-marathon training: Day 53

So, let’s talk food. I’m starting to get nervous that I don’t know how to properly fuel my body for these runs. My shortest distances are now longer than my long runs used to be (don’t laugh, please), and I’m starting to feel myself hitting walls sooner and sooner into my workouts. Sure, I can put on a brave face:


Yeah. Let’s zoom in on that.


But, despite that truly, immaculately awesome expression, I was dying on the inside.

So I’m looking to you, my bodacious readers – you’ve told me what you like to eat before a run, but especially when you’re preparing for a long one, when and how much do you eat/drink to keep from croaking?


Look how cheerful I was at the beginning of my run, so unaware that the wall was zooming toward me. Another thing about today’s workout: we did Fart Licks. I know that’s not the correct name, but I’m going to call them Fart Licks because that’s how it felt. It was as though the world had opened up its bung and was aiming a steamy one straight at my face. Similar to Allison’s flippin sweet suggestion on Tuesday, Dave and I did six one-minute-long fast runs throughout the entire 4.5-mile workout. We did the last one when we were almost to the end, and when it was over I tried sprinting the rest of the way home. I succeeded, but then spent a good 10 minutes dry-heaving over a trash can. Oooooopsies.

Also! Something amazing! Remember how disgusting and worn out my shoes were? Well, I pulled out my “old” pair of runners that I thought were worn out because they weren’t pristinely white anymore. Turns out that they’ve got just enough tread left on them to get me to Seattle before having to throw down for a new pair! And they’re supercute. Please, to observe.


Anyhoo. The workout: 4.5 miles with six Fart Licks, followed by a short strength-training routine consisting of pushups, lungest, squats, dips, and of course the most incredible ab workout available on the Internet.


14 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Day 53”

  1. I would try Gu Energy Gels (chocolate flavor is the BEST). They have helped me TREMENDOUSLY during my longer runs. Perhaps eating one before you start running would help as well. I take one at the 45 and 1:15 intervals of my run- so if you are running more than 4.5 miles, it might be worth trying.

    Also, if you sweat a lot, then drink a sports drink during, before or after your runs. Check out my post on Dangerous Runs for more info.

    As for nutrition, perhaps try eating more carbs and protein. I’m no expert, but I find that upping my intake of these help significantly.

    Hope that helps!

  2. All I can remember about my half marathon training was the insatiable hunger that accompanied it. Seriously, I just could. not. get. enough. food. I’m pretty sure I put on weight while training.

    But anyways, carbs carbs carbs. Complex ones. Sweet potatoes were my favorite, oatmeal, etc.

    My favorite post-long run refueling snack was this: PB, overripe banana, and protein powder mashed together and eaten with a fork. Or on some toast, if you’re civilized.

    By the time I got up to the double-digit runs, I found that I had to bring one of those nasty packets of gel along with me and ate it halfway through. The sugar really helps avoid “the wall”

    Thus ends this novel-length comment of random, disorganized ideas.

  3. Love your determined expression! I like to have PB and banana or half a Cliff before a run. I always get dehydrated – I should be drinking more water before running as well.

  4. i love how you do your hair; it looks so glam. how do you get it to stay up while running? i think a step-by-step photo tutorial is in order… granted, my hair is almost to my waist, but i can barely get it to stay in a ponytail, unless i give myself an instant face lift by using multiple bands.

    • Haha, thanks! I have pretty long hair (although it used to be longer before Good Morning America cut it off…but that’s a different story). It’s really just a messy bun, but I have curly hair so it seems to be willing to stay put once it’s up. It’s not smooth and slippery like straight hair. I’ll see if I can figure out how to do a tutorial…but trust, I really don’t think my hair is that pretty when I’ve got it up. You’ll see. I just have to get Dave to photograph me doing it and you’ll be like “…Oh.”

  5. I had to do “Fat-Licks” with my training group last night. They are DEATH. I also think that I didn’t have enough fuel in my body b/c I got a HUGE side sticker the whole time.

  6. My best pre-run food is a peanut butter toast with a banana. If the runs are shorter or in the afternoon, just the banana will suffice. I only eat when running when my runs are longer than 13-14 miles…you don’t really *need* to eat on the run until your runs are longer than about 90 minutes. Gels are not my friend…when you get to that point, I can recommend my gel alternatives!

    I usually start eating about an hour before I head out, so it’s about 45 minutes after I’m done eating that I’m ready to go. I sip water throughout, and then go to the bathroom like eight times before I’m out the door.

  7. Coconut water is amazing for energy and it contains a lot of potassium and electrolytes!

    LOVE your running face! 🙂

  8. I’m a sports bean girl (a.k.a. jelly bellies sold in over priced packets that you feel healthier consuming because of the word “sports” in the title). The gu is nast, imo – like warm, flavored toothpaste. But, some people swear by it.

    I also LOVE gatorade/sports drinks….I drink a lil’ 12 oz. bottle if I’m running over 9 or 10 miles. Just watch out – SUPER sticky if it gets on your hands and face (that’s what she said!).

    I would try a couple different things and see what works for you. My bro-in-law is training for a full marathon and eats HONEY on his long runs. He’ll just get extra packets from McDonald’s or Wendy’s and slurp ’em up. (He’s also known for his frugality, but I guess it works for him here).

    Sorry you dry heaved (dry hoved?) on your run! That brings me back to some tekillya days. 😦

  9. I’ve tried fig newtons on a long run and they really helped although a bit hard to eat while running. During my marathon, I ate a pack of sport beans every hour and they seriously kicked butt. They are like little happy pills….probably because they are basically sugar.

  10. I wish I had some input, but I just had to read everyone else’s advice because this is something I have been wondering about! I have been using the “healthy” sports beans (LOL, Holly) and I try to drink a TON of water the night before. I like to have a powerade after.

  11. Do you have times that your running a 4.5 mile in? A personal best would also be appreciated.

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