Half-marathon training: Day 49

I was a leeeeeeetle beet of a slacker today, friends. It’s just that my legs were feeling so sore from my past two workouts, and I thought that it would be smart to give my body a break. Also, I’m lazy.


I’m going to miss this place when we’re gone for the summer. Even the piano feels sad – I can tell because she keeps making me play sad dirges every time I sit down at her bench. See, today was supposed to be 40 minutes of cross-training. But after three hours of packing up our condo, I couldn’t see myself going up to the weight room and having a good time. I was doing quite a bit of heavy-lifting and moving and stretching while I attempted to clear out our closets for the people who’ll be living here this summer. So at least I didn’t have a completely sedentary day.

Anyway, this post is an ode to my lovely home, which I will be ditching for three months. I hope I’m leaving it in good hands.


Goodbye, bed.


Goodbye vanity, where I spend so much time doing makeup and being…vain.


Goodbye, guest room and beautiful afternoon sunshine.

I can’t believe I only have a week and a half left here! Good thing Dave and I are living with two perfectly formed human beings this summer named Molly and Jesse. And I’ll get to be in the same city as my lovely Bonfigs…AND my most fabulous friend is getting married…and I’M GETTING MARRIED…oh YEAH! This is going to be great! I’m totes ready to leave. What was I thinking? (Waffle much there, Wiggs?) Here’s why I’m soooo excited for the summer:


What’s the best thing about your girlfriends? The person with the best reason will get a CD of The Beholder Playlist in the mail!!!


9 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Day 49”

  1. It really sucks that you are leaving so soon (for me!) But I wasn’t going to be much fun this summer with the Bar so we can play once you get back!

    • Are you doing BARBARI? They got me through two bar exams with flying colors (IL and OR).

      It’s just one last grind. . .one last hoop.

      I’m still glad I graduated early and was able to sit for the IL bar exam in February ~ nothing going on in Chicago then. When I studied for the bar in OR in July, I was able to sit outside so I hope you have a pool or Lake Michigan or some other serene place outside to study ~ takes the suck out of spending the summer studying.

      Good luck!

  2. I know! 😦 I’m just glad that we’ll be back to catch the tail-end. And you’re right, once you’re done with the Bar it’ll be alllll-awesome, all the time.

  3. I am so FREAKING EXCITED…and THAT is an UNDER statement if i have ever heard one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. When and where are you getting married? Nosy Sarah! PS, I hate Dave too for running 10km twice as fast as me…(okay, I don’t hate him, Dave is awesome!)

    • It’s okay, you can hate him. But your time was awesome! So far my “10k” time is about 68 minutes (I put that in quotes because it was my 6-mile run a week and a half ago). I always have to tell myself that he’s a) a naturally amazing runner and b) been training for running since 2001. Plus, you and I could both kick his ass in the pool.

      Our weddings are going to be amazing!!! I’m getting married at the end of July in Seattle, then one of my closest friends is getting married in August in New York, and then my faaaaaaab friend is getting married at the end of Sept. in Souther California. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE WEDDINGS!

  5. The best thing about my girlfriends is that they are always so excited for my success (I’m thinking specifically running here) that it doesn’t even matter who was faster or slower or whatever. I was the last of my group to finish a race yesterday, and I PR’d, and they were as excited for my PR as they were for their own, or would’ve been if I’d actually beaten anyone buy myself.

    We can run together, and drink together, and support each other through anything.

    I just wish I’d know them before I got married – it would’ve been awesome to have them there for that.

  6. Hi!! I’m not sure which food blog brought me here this past week, but I am way too glad they did 🙂

    Best thing about my girlfriends: They have been forced to “see me through” far too many Meg-tastrophes (it’s a word) and continue to do so no matter how foreseeably stupid my decisions are. And, unbelievably, their never-ending support is always, always accompanied with the opportunity to just LAUGH.

    Life is hilarious, and I love to laugh, but sometimes I need a little poking and prodding to do so, and somehow girlfriends are always able to make me. 🙂


  7. Wiggs, Danielle here, Lindsey’s friend from life, literally.

    I know I am late at contributing to the mix-tape, but I am going to email you a few of my faves in a second (by email I mean, I am going to send some songs to Lindsey to forward to you … since I do not have your email).

    Anywho, to answer your question, I am pretty sure that the photos that you posted of your ladies sum it up. Girlfriends are there to support you and to take care of you and to see that you make a complete fool of yourself whenever possible 🙂 I heart them.

    Linds speaks the world of you, and I feel like I know you (thanks to figs and wiggs … bring it back please!!!!! and this here blog), even though I think we have only met once. I am glad that you are coming to Seattle for a while, it will be great to see you/re-meet you!


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