Half-marathon training: Day 44

Now, I’m not going to say that today’s 4.0-mile run was the hardest of my life…but it was up there. I’m moving back to Seattle in 16 days so I’m all stressed out, plus I wasn’t feeling well, plus the weather is yuck, plus I can’t stop whining…


This tiny dachshund puppy serves as my apology for the bad attitude. Also, hopefully Dave will see it and agree that we NEED one.

Anyway, today’s workout was one of those where every single minute seemed to crawl by, and no amount of Britney Spears or Jack Bauer – my go-to personal trainers – could make me feel any better. This led to the realization that my running playlist is getting suuuper tired. There are only a couple of songs left on it that pump me up, and I can’t very well listen to them on repeat. So I came up with a plan, which I’ll be detailing in a separate post.

So let’s keep this brief. Here are my workout stats:

  • Distance: 4.22 miles
  • Time: 44 minutes, 13 seconds (the 4-mile run took 39:13 and then I did a 5-minute cool-down)
  • Calories burned: 433

7 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Day 44”

  1. Don’t leave meeeeee!! I may have missed this, but are you moving back to be with family? I think I missed the reason why.

    • Oops, I should have clarified!! We’re just heading back to Seattle for the summer to get married. Dave also has a job there and I’ll be working from home, as usual.

  2. You’re moving to Seattle? We should have a West Coast blogger meet up!

  3. i just want you to know….i see it and i think you NEED it! in the slim chance that that helps the cause.

  4. Cutest puppy ever. PS- It SUCKS that you won’t be in Chicago for the summer. Best part about Chicago.

    Granted you are getting married and stuff…but STILL. 🙂

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