Excess baggage

Every time I try to do my makeup like a celeb, I’m always confounded by one teeny tiny detail: they have ZERO bags under their eyes. Please, to observe:


I’d just like to point out that all of these women are over 30 (or 40). But look! The skin under their eyes doesn’t have a trace of blue or purple. The only bags these women are carrying have little LV’s all over them. Now, let’s be honest: NOBODY’s eyes are like that in real life. All of the starlets in Hollywood, however, have figured out that perfect undereye skin is the key to looking fresh and gorge.

I’ve tried a bunch of different undereye coverups, but I’ve never been able to find one that I like. They’re all either too cakey, or too yellow, or too sheer. Take, for example, bareMinerals well-rested coverup.


Now, look. I love bareMinerals. I couldn’t live without their foundation. And we’ve talked about their eyeshadow before. But well-rested, in my humble opinion, sucks nards. It’s soooo yellow, and I think that powder directly under the eyes looks dry and cakey. Plus, what’s with the fact that they don’t offer any other shades? This color is almost too pale for ME, and my skin is eggshell-white on a good day. I can’t imagine what you olive- or dark-skinned chicas would do with this.

Well, friends, after years of searching, I have found The One. It is so amazing, so effective, that I am officially declaring it to be The Most Amazing Makeup Product I’ve Ever Used.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat pen. It comes in four colors – I got 1: Luminous Radiance (for fair/light/medium complexions with pink undertones). But before we go any further, I have to come clean with you. This little pen costs $40. I wouldn’t have even CONSIDERED buying it if I didn’t have a Sephora gift certificate in my hot little hands. Now that I’ve used Touche Eclat, though, I’m telling you: you get what you pay for. Still, that’s a lotta dough in this economy so maybe put it on your wish list.


It looks expensive, doesn’t it?!


I also love how it dispenses the makeup. It has a brush on the end (a la Stila lip gloss) but it uses the same mechanism as a click-pen to get it out. The result is that, unlike the Stila lipgloss, you’re not sitting there for ten minutes waiting for the makeup to appear at the tip of the brush. Instant gratification.


But you don’t really care what the packaging looks like; you just want to see it in action. First, a wee disclaimer: I don’t have Photoshop or any photo editing software on my computer, so these pictures are pretty raw. My pores are visible, to my horror. Also, I don’t have a nice SLR camera and since I was taking the photos myself they’re not perfectly composed. Okay. Here’s my left eye without any Touche Eclat on it:


(I also have a mole under my eyebrow on that eye. Don’t judge. When I was little I always thought it was peanut butter because it’s the exact same color as peanut butter when I don’t have makeup on.)

Annnnd….here’s my right eye WITH Touche Eclat on it!


Not convinced? Compare them side-by-side.


The eye without any Touche Eclat beneath it makes me look like I got punched in the face! And let’s be clear: I’m not one of those people with noticeable bags under my eyes. When I’m not wearing makeup, I don’t look very haggard. But what a difference this stuff makes! The best part is that you don’t have to put a ton on – it took me about 30 seconds to brush it under my eye and blend with my fingertip. That’s a winner in my book.

I’m wearing bareMinerals eyeshadow in Disco and Night Owl, by the way. They’re both GORGEOUS colors and I would dump some on your face right now if you were sitting here with me.

Here’s a photo of me that was taken on Friday night (not the same day as the photos above). I like to think that my bags are as invisible as those of the starlets I showed you earlier.


Pardon the frizzy hair. It was a humid night.

Do you use coverup on your undereye area when you wear makeup? What kind do you use?


14 Comments to “Excess baggage”

  1. I don’t see any bags! I don’t really use undereye concealer specifically, just a general foundation under my eyes.

  2. wiggs….Thank you!!! I AM plagued with deep circles under my eyes, and have been searching for a good under eye concealer for YEARS as well. I’ve settled on Estee Lauder but have never been thrilled with it. As luck would have it, I’m about to run out of all of my make-up – concealer, foundation, mascara – so have been taking notes after reading your make-up review posts. (I don’t have a huge stockpile like you do…). I see a Sephora trip in my future, I just wish you could come with me!!!

  3. lol, sometimes running for me is a catharsis. I have cried whule running or after right after a great run, but never 12 hours later. I think you were fatigued and it hit you all at once. Hope you are feeling better today.

  4. oops this was a response to your previous post, sorry, my computer is going wacko, but this post is great info too. With 30 right around the corner I am needing some help in the under eye dept. lol

  5. I’m sixty years old and wake up with zero bags under my eyes.

    How? Lots of pillows. If you sleep with your head elevated, you will be less likely to wake up with bags under your eyes.

  6. I usually just use foundation under my eyes, but recently I’ve been noticing circles, lines, etc. under my eyes. I tried a couple of things from Ulta, but they all looked yellowish or chalky and I think I looked worse. After your review, maybe I’ll try Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat pen. 🙂 Just out of curiosity, how old are you?

    Thanks for the make-up review!

    • I’m 25, so the fine lines are juuuuust starting. But the blue circles under my eyes have been there for some time – I think wearing goggles for so many years made them permanent.

  7. I’ve hated my under-eye bags since puberty and have all but given up finding an effective way to hide them…but I’ve gotta ask: How long does that stuff last? $40 is more than I’ve ever spent on makeup in my life, but if it’s a once- or twice-yearly investment, I might convince myself it’s worth it.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely one of the more expensive makeup items I’ve ever bought. I honestly can’t say how long it will last you since it’s new to me, but I find that I use about one click per eye. I could probably get by with one click for both eyes, if I really wanted to stretch the shelf-life. It really depends on how often you do your makeup and how frequently you’ll be covering your undereye circles. For me, I don’t do my makeup every day (since I work from home and nobody sees me), and I usually only go so far as to worry about my undereye circles about twice a week.

      ANOTHER way to try to extend the life of your Touche Eclat would be to pair it with foundation. After you use it under your eyes, dust some mineral foundation over the top of it and you’ll probably get a similar amount of coverage.

      Most importantly, though, if 40 bucks is a big investment to you, then you should DEFINITELY go into a store and try the product before buying it. You might not love it like I do! I generally don’t like MAC makeup products even though most makeup junkies swear by the brand, so I don’t want to presume to tell you what you’ll like.

  8. I have really deep, dark circles under my eyes, but I use a really fantastic concealer wheel by Forever Living Sonya.

    Forever Living Products used to sponsor the Miss Arizona pageant (which my cousin competed in and won) so that’s how I heard of it.

    It’s also really cool because it only costs $18. The last time I bought one of the wheels was FIVE YEARS AGO and there’s STILL a really good amount of concealer left! It’s my absolute favorite.

    Here’s a before and after picture of one of my eyes for reference.

  9. i totally want this. and mother’s day is coming up.

  10. I use mac studiosculpt, then foundation all over including under and around eyes, then mac studio finish concealer under eyes and to sides. I then dust with pure silicon powder and I have zero bags. I am severely purple under my eyes and doubted any resolution until i played around with products and found these. I found that touch eclait didnt work on my skin, but then I have an olive/yellow skin tone.

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    • See, my dermatologist tells me that the pigments in MAC make people break out, so I try to stay away from the brand. 😦 But I like the idea of silicon powder!

  11. liz—–i’ve observed the pics. use my method, trust me you’ll be so much happier with the improvement. I guaruntee!!!!!


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