Half-marathon training: Day 37

A couple of things:

We'll get to this in a second.

We'll get to this in a second.

1) I FINALLY updated my Half-Marathon Training page. I had seeeeriously slacked off on posting my runs there, but now everything’s up to speed. I don’t think anyone was reading that page, though, because nobody seemed to notice. Well I noticed, dammit!

2) Turns out Lemon-Face pissed me off so much on Day 28 that I lost count of how many days I’d been training. I accidentally had two Day 27s….which means I’ve actually been working out for a whole 24 hours more than I originally thought!

3) I was actually supposed to run 4 miles yesterday; not 3.5. I didn’t check Hal Higdon’s training plan before working out – my bad. Also, I just realized that I need to add four weeks of training to his schedule because I started training 18 weeks (instead of 12) before my half-marathon. Any ideas on what I should do? I’m considering adding in some of his intermediate-level weeks, since I feel like I fall right between the buttcheeks of being a novice and being intermediate. Thoughts? Opinions? Insults? Leave a comment.

Okay, back to biz. Since I did my run yesterday, today was my strength-training day. Here’s what I wore:

The sexiest pajamas EVER.

The sexiest pajamas EVER.

Also, as punishment (?) for cutting my run short yesterday, I scooted upstairs and ran a mile, with a .15 mile cool-down. I started at 6.0 mph and by the end I was doing 8.0 mph – not that impressive for a short distance, but it’s the fastest I’ve ever gone on a treadmill. I did not wear the sexy pajamas to the workout room, unfortunately.

I kept my strength-training simple: 3 sets of 12 right-leg lunges, left-leg lunges, squats, tricep dips, pushups and streamline jumps, followed by a set of 12-minute abs. I attempted to take a picture of each exercise. I failed:



Squat? With classy camera cord?

Squat? With classy camera cord?



Streamline ju...okay, this is getting ridiculous. TERRIBLE idea, Wiggs.

Streamline ju...okay, this is getting ridiculous. TERRIBLE idea, Wiggs.

Right. Let’s not do that again, mmmkay? My reason for being glad I worked out today is that I sorta-kinda felt like a real-ish athlete. I can feel my body getting stronger, finally, and I’m starting to think all of this hard work is going to pay off.

Do you ever do “make-up” runs or workouts? Or do you just let it slide? Because I seeeeriously wanted to let it slide today. I’m glad I didn’t though. Also: I’d love to hear any advice y’all have on how to add 4 weeks to my training.


3 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Day 37”

  1. I usually just let it slide, but I’m not following any sort of specific plan/haven’t signed up for a 1/2 yet. Your photos are hilarious!!

  2. Here’s what I would do in adding 4 weeks:

    -continue with plan until week 11
    -add 4 more weeks there, including a long run each week starting with 12, then taper down with 10, then 9, then 8. Then continue with week 12 of your plan.

    That’s pretty much what my plan is!

  3. I tagged you on my blog to do a questionnaire/survey thing…reminds me of junior high. Enjoy! http://susanruns.blogspot.com/2009/04/questionnaire-time.html

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