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March 30, 2009

Makeup review tiiiiime!!!

When I tell people I have an addiction to makeup, they usually laugh and shake their head at me, as if to say “Yeah, I totally know what you mean. I love makeup too.” Many women have said to me, “I have, like, an entire DRAWER full of makeup!”

My response usually goes something like this: “My child,” I say solemnly, sighing. “You don’t know the half of it.” Then I take the person by her trembling hand and lead her to my chest. My chest full of makeup. “An entire drawer, you say?” I ask. “I have two entire drawers devoted to each individual part of my face – eyes, lips, cheeks, face – plus two more drawers of miscellaneous products and free samples.”

These are only four of the drawers on my chest.

These are only four of the drawers on my chest.

It’s sad, my friends. I have a problem. But if it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right! I love makeup (or, as I call it, “maykee”) and I love having lots of it and I love gazing at it even when I’m not using it. I love it. If someone asked me to hold all of my makeup at once, I would be physically unable because it weighs over 100 pounds. I know this because when we moved out here, I had two suitcases and a bag devoted to makeup, and they had to be weighed before we could take them on a train.

So I figured, since I own all of this shizz, why not start reviewing it? Each time I do a makeup review, I will pick one product that I LOVE and one that was a disappointment. Some of these (like the two I’ll be reviewing today) have been in my makeup chest for years; others will be new-fangled products that are just making a splash on the cosmetics scene. If there’s anything that you’ve been thinking about trying but aren’t sure about, ask me first. Odds are, I’ve already bought it in three shades.

This review showcases a FAB blush and a lip gloss that everyone pretends to love, but I think they’re just putting on a show because it was so expensive (just like True Religion jeans, and don’t even TRY to convince me that they’re cute because they’re NOT).

Heeeeere comes the maykeeeeee!

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March 30, 2009

Want to hang out in Chicago for the summer?

If you know of someone (maybe yourself?!) who’s looking for housing in Chicago this summer, click here! (There’s a full photo tour in the ad link, too.)

Yep, we’re renting out our place. And it’s awesome. I’m not kidding. I love living here. Lemme know if you’re interested by leaving a comment on this post and I’ll get in touch with you privately via email.

"In the Water, They Touch"

Right?! You know you want to live here.


We get guh-REAT light throughout the whole unit

I’ll be honest – I’ll feel more comfortable renting the condo to someone who reads my blog (or is friends with someone who reads my blog) than a person I find on Craigslist, so anyone who gets in touch via The Beholder will be given preference. And probably some baked goods, too. And maybe some makeup.

March 30, 2009

Half-marathon training: Day 28

Yay! You guys, today I did the second-longest run of my LIFE! I thought five miles would kill me, but in the end, it didn’t feel that much longer than my shorter runs. And believe me, the weather today was NOT what you want to see when you’re gearing up for a tough athletic challenge:

A drippy, slushy icecicle.

A drippy, slushy icecicle.

That’s right, folks, it SNOWED last night. And not just any snow. The kind of heavy, wet snow that seeps into your shoes no matter how carefully you walk in the footprints of the brave souls who went before you. My dreams of completing this benchmark run along the lakefront shriveled up and died as soon as I looked out the window.

It's like I'm on the Lost island and I got transported back to January.

It's like I'm on the Lost island and I got transported back to January.

So, I screwed up the nerve to attempt my five-mile run on the treadmill. I knew it would take me 50-55 minutes, which is longer than an episode of 24, so I was nervous about getting bored. Dave was so sweet, though, and offered to come up and use one of the other cardio machines next to me so we could smile at each other in the mirrored wall.

There were two other people in the room when we arrived, which is a record! And a third person (who you’ll read about in a moment) joined us 25 minutes later. I guess the snow kept people indoors today. Anyway, something happened 30 minutes into my run. Something that forced me to run outside. Something that left me feeling confused and impotent. Something that, when I was clomping around the slushy outdoor track for the final two miles of my run, caused me to let loose a string of profanities so vulgar, so offensive, that I refuse to even hint at what I said. More on that in a second.

In the end, I got my five miles in and I feel pretty darn great about it. I’m happy to see my body adjusting and growing stronger. And I’m so, so lucky to have a fiance who came outside, into the crappity crap weather, to finish my hard workout with me and listen to me take cussing to a new level.

And now, for the incident. An open letter:

Dear Lady in my building’s workout room,

I just wanted to write and say thank you. You see, I’ve been living in Chicago for about six months now, and I’ve been completely shocked and dismayed by how friendly everyone here is. Honestly, I thought it was an epidemic. My faith in humanity began to dwindle: how can a city this big be completely full of kind people? Well you, my friend, have restored my trust in all that is good and right. There ARE assholes in Chicago after all.