Half-marathon training: Day 27

Today I was supposed to do 40 minutes of cross-training, but I went on a 90-minute dog walk with my friend Laura. I figure somewhere in there I got enough exercise, right? But, dude, CHECK OUT the type of dog she has:


That’s an English Setter. Her name is Ellie and walking her down the street was like walking with Reese Witherspoon. Every single person we passed stopped us and asked what type of dog she was (that’s what happens to Reese, too) (JUST KIDDING, she’s my fave actress and I completely idolize her!). Even when Ellie left a tootsie roll in some lady’s front yard, the lady just stepped off her porch and said, “What a pretty dog! You don’t have to worry about cleaning that up; the gardener will be here soon anyway.” Which leads me to believe that a) we were walking in a rich neighborhood, and b) if you have an English Setter, you can punch someone square in the nose and she’ll thank you for it before asking to pet your dog.

So, yeah, no bells ‘n’ whistles today about my training; I went on a long walk with a gorgeous dog and a lovely friend. The reason I’m glad I worked out today is because I got to hang with a well-mannered pooch for the morning and I also got to smile knowingly at everyone who complimented her, as if to say, “Yes, this is my dog; I’m just letting my friend here walk her, and THANK YOU, I also think that I am just as beautiful a human as she is a dog.”


2 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Day 27”

  1. such a pretty dog! i would let it poop on my lawn and let the gardner clean it up too!!!

    (jk.. lol)

    have a great saturday night!!!

  2. holy tootsie roll that’s a pretty dog!
    Now I’m thinking my golden retriever needs a sibling 😉
    Is that picture what walking your dog in chicagwa really looks like? Last time I was there, I didn’t see any lovely rolling hills like that!

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