Half-marathon training: Day 26

Wow, I can’t believe it’s only been 26 days of this shizz. I must say, though, that right around Day 15 or so, this started feeling like a habit. As in, I didn’t have to wake up each morning and think, “Aw crap, am I really going to work out today? REALLY?” It’s not that I look forward to it every day, but it’s just become less of a choice and more of a natural part of my day. That’s good, right?

Unfortunately, though, all of this regular exercise has taken a toll on the ol’ face. I’m talking about blemishes, people. And I *think* I’ve figured out the culprit.

How can something so lovely be such a pain in my increasingly zitty face?

How can something so lovely be such a pain in my increasingly zitty face?

Look. This might be gross to some of you, but any swimmers out there will appreciate it.

I hate taking showers. I avoid them like the plague. I’ve been known to come home from running, let my (admittedly small, un-stinky amount of) sweat dry, and spend the rest of the evening in my workout clothes. And then sleep in them. YES YES I KNOW THAT’S GROSS, but I can’t help it. I just get so bored in the shower! It’s why I don’t shave my legs! I finally figured out why, too: as a swimmer, I got used to having a shower built into my workout. The group shower at the end of our swim practice was a social event, where we’d gossip and giggle and talk trash about the men in our lives. Then we’d all get out together, throw our hair up in towels, and take our time putting on lotion and makeup, all the while listening to music and chatting. Sounds AWESOME, right? It’s like a spa day with your girlfriends, every day! So you can see why showering ALONE, with NO friends to talk to, is the dreariest thing I can imagine.

And our bathroom is so pretty, don't you think? What a waste. I deserve a Port-a-potty.

And our bathroom is so pretty, don't you think? What a waste. I deserve a Port-a-potty.

Unfortunately, my skin is bearing the brunt of my anti-showering ways. So I realized I’ve gotta reform my post-workout habits and jump in the shower right when I get home (or at least wash my face; yeesh – but don’t get me started on washing my face. I hate to do it because I’m SURE that someone is sneaking up behind me when my eyes are closed to stab me or something). My reason for being glad I worked out today, therefore, is that I put my patootie right in the shower as soon as I got home. And I actually feel nice being all squeaky and clean!

Anyway. The workout. Today, I actually had a pretty good little run! 3.5 miles on the treadmill at 5.5 mph. I didn’t even feel like I was going to die! I paused once to glurg some water, then cooled down for five minutes afterward, slowing down .5 mph each minute (so I went 4.5 mph, 4 mph, 3.5 mph, 3 mph, and 2.5 mph). Then I em-effing forgot to LOOK and the STUPID machine to see how far I went and how many frickin’ calories I burned! DAMMIT! I can estimate, though, that I ended up going around 3.8 miles total and burning 400ish calories. After that, I did 7 minutes of abs: regular crunches, leg swishes, upright crunches, elbow-to-knees (2 minutes), reverse curls, and flutter kicks. I was an IDIOT for saving the flutter kicks for last. Since I was home alone and there was nobody around to hear me, I started screeching around 36 seconds, thinking it would make me feel better. Not so. I thought I was going to vom when the minute was finally over…and I think I would have been better if I’d just kept my blonde mouth shut. If you want to do my ab exercises, make sure you read both posts on them. Here’s the first, and here’s the second.

Do you notice a difference in your complexion when you don’t shower right away? And does anyone else out there share my distaste for showering?


3 Comments to “Half-marathon training: Day 26”

  1. Yer a little crazee, aren’t you? 😉

    Funny, I find my complexion is actually better when I am exercising regularly. I shower and stuff, but not always right after working out (more ’cause I’m lazy than bored). I don’t usually use soap or much of anything on my face, just water.

  2. Yeah, I’m batshit crazy. It’s okay. I find it charming (is it weird to find myself charming?)

    You know, I might just be having a bad skin month – I HAVE been sick and travelling a lot, so perhaps that’s taking more of a toll on my face than the sweat. I HAVE noticed more blemishes around my hairline, though, where I’ve never gotten them before, so hopefully my little “take a shower” plan (genius, no?) will work out.

  3. I love showers…they’re the one place where people can’t (or at least shouldn’t!) bother you. It’s ten minutes of guaranteed alone time…don’t you dare interrupt my shower ! I guess I like them for the exact opposite reason why you don’t like them, haha. Anywayyy…my skin is generally pretty good even with all my running, but I do tend to get acne on my back under the straps of my sports bra if I don’t wash really well after I run. That’s kind of gross, so I have to make sure I scrub a little. Showering will most likely solve your problems, I would assume.

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