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March 27, 2009

Half-marathon training: Day 26

Wow, I can’t believe it’s only been 26 days of this shizz. I must say, though, that right around Day 15 or so, this started feeling like a habit. As in, I didn’t have to wake up each morning and think, “Aw crap, am I really going to work out today? REALLY?” It’s not that I look forward to it every day, but it’s just become less of a choice and more of a natural part of my day. That’s good, right?

Unfortunately, though, all of this regular exercise has taken a toll on the ol’ face. I’m talking about blemishes, people. And I *think* I’ve figured out the culprit.

How can something so lovely be such a pain in my increasingly zitty face?

How can something so lovely be such a pain in my increasingly zitty face?

Look. This might be gross to some of you, but any swimmers out there will appreciate it.

March 27, 2009

Soaking dead plants in water is delicious

Just before my birthday, Molly caught me lusting over her adorable little tea set. You can imagine my delight when she surprised me with one of my very own on my Big Day. I was never one of those little girls who had fake tea parties with her stuffed animals and imaginary friends, so I guess my newfound obsession with all things tea-related is a latent instinct from my childhood.


Isn't it so CUTE?! Don't you want to force your friends to come over and make them watch you pour them tea and then make them clink cups with you and drink with their pinkies sticking up?!

The tea Molly brought is called Provence Vanilla Rooibos (or something like that; the handwriting is hard to read) from a shop in Seattle called Teacup. And holy mother, let me tell you about how good it is. Even my stuffed-up, useless nose can tell that the whole condo smells like honey and vanilla and flowers. (Isn’t it funny how when you’re congested, you can only smell certain scents? For me, it’s been this tea and the fresh mildew on my shower curtain – which I promptly cleaned with bleach that I couldn’t smell for the life of me.)

When I first decided to try my little trick of drinking a cup of tea when I feel hungry – just to make sure that I’m not craving food out of stress or boredom – I was a little worried that I’d feel like I was depriving myself. And, yeah, when I threw my musty bag of Lipton into the mug that I’d just zapped in the microwave, I did think, “Man, this is just NOT as good as the burger I’m craving right now.”

But how can you feel deprived when you get to play with this?!?!

But how can you feel deprived when you get to play with this?!?!

Something about the ritual (okay, I feel weird calling it that, but that’s what it is) of boiling the water, preparing my little tea thingy, pouring the water over it into my cup, and then squeezing just the right amount of honey…it’s definitely worth the extra 90 seconds or so. And I don’t feel deprived in the least. On the contrary, I feel pretty damn decadent. “Look at me! I’m so classy!” I think, while I let a HUGE belch rip and then laugh because it sounded like a bullfrog.

More often than not, my hunger is gone and I’m back to sitting at my computer, pretending to be a grownup.

Oh! And I guess you can order this flavor online!! Here’s the descriptsh:

Blended with not only the famous red leaf from South Africa and vanilla, but touches of lavender and chamomile and just a hint of hazelnut. We think you’ll find this the smoothest, most pleasing cup of rooibus tea you have ever had. A Teacup special, dedicated to all our customers that take the time to let us know what they are looking for.

I mean, yeah, it’s 36 bucks a pound, but a little goes a LOOOOONG way – I have eight ounces of the shizz and so far I’d estimate that I’ve had about 30 cups without even going through half of the bag. (Yes, that’s a LOT of tea but I’m SICK so cut me some SLACK.)