Oh man you guys, my mom made me the most delicious breakfast this morning.

Don't drool on your keyboard, please

Don't drool on your keyboard, please

She made semolina breakfast cake and put fresh strawberries over it. The semolina cake was delicious – very moist and light with just a touch of sweetness. To make it, dump 4 cups of milk into a pan over medium heat. As soon as the milk starts to steam, add 4.5 ounces of semolina flour in a thin stream, stirring constantly. Then add 6 tablespoons of sugar. Keep stirring for 10 minutes while brainstorming the title of your next book with your daughter, then pour into an oiled 8×8 pan and shove it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes (until it’s firm and the top is golden-brown). While it’s baking, realize that your daughter is a genius because she came up with an AMAZING book title and tell her she TOTALLY deserves the wedding shoes you gave her yesterday

When the cake is done, cut it into 2″ by 2″ squares. Can be served hot or cold. Best enjoyed while a doberman watches you eat.

My baby brother, Barkis

My baby brother, Barkis

REMINDER! Don’t forget to enter The Beholder’s first contest! Leave a comment at this post and you’ll win a chance to have a character named after you (even if your name is Ongina LaDouche) in bestselling author Susan Wiggs’s next book.

Also, a mini-update on my half-marathon training: I’ll get all of my workouts in this week, but just in a different order. Today will be my cross-training day (instead of tomorrow). And I have HUGE plans for this workout, so make sure you check back. I’m bringing my mom’s nice camera with me and it will BLOW YOUR MIND. (I threaten to blow your mind a lot here on The Beholder. You’re welcome.)

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2 Comments to “Breakfast”

  1. Your blog is awesome…and so is that breakfast. I haven’t had lunch yet and it’s making me very hungry.

    And that picture of your dog is adorable! 🙂

    (btw, I’m the girl who responded to your weddingbee thread on fitness. Just so you don’t think I’m some random.)

  2. Hi Abby! Don’t worry – even if you were random I would be happy to have a new reader! Barkis IS pretty cute. 🙂

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