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March 12, 2009

The Beholder’s first-ever giveaway. And it’s a doozie.

How would you like to be a character in a #1 New York Times best-selling novel? This is your chance. My mother, Susan Wiggs, has agreed to name a character after you (or a friend, if you prefer) in her upcoming novel in the internationally popular Lakeshore Chronicles. And don’t worry, it’ll be your full name so you can have 100% bragging rights when the book is published.

You could be a character in one of these books!

You could be a character in one of these books!

I don’t think I have to tell you how big of a deal this is. Hundreds of thousands of people read these books – when they’re studied in English classrooms 100 years from now, they’ll come across your character and the teacher will be like, “[Your name here] is one of American literature’s most influential characters. Even more amazing is the way Susan Wiggs chose the name…”

To win the contest, post a comment here telling me: a) how you found The Beholder and b) your favorite part about the blog. Entries will be accepted until midnight (central time) on Wednesday, March 18. If you post a link to my blog on your blog or website, you’ll get two chances to win (make sure you say so in your comment and gimme a link!).


March 12, 2009

FourFour is back!

Rich, one of my fave bloggers and the last word on America’s Next Top Model recaps, is back at it again! If you haven’t read his recaps, you’re seriously missing out. (Even if you don’t watch the show.)

Here and here.

March 12, 2009

My soup

I believe that everyone should have one delicious soup that they know how to make by heart. And while chicken soup and minestrone are yum, I like the idea of serving people a soup they’ve never had before…a soup that will make them think that you’re a genius, a soup that will inspire them to throw gobs of money at you and give you a free spa vacation retreat. A soup like the following.

This recipe is adapted from one in The Ultimate Soup Bible by Anne Sheasby. My Dave gave it to me last Christmas and so far it’s my fave from the book.

See the snow in the background?!

See the snow in the background?!

The book calls it Grandfather’s Soup, which always leaves me wondering if there has ever been a grandfather in the history of time who knew how to make soup. I mean, that’s grandma territory, right? Still, I like the name because it sounds like there’s a story behind it. A story that you could easily make up and use to impress someone who’s eating the soup.

Click here to keep reading this friggin awesome recipe RIGHTNOW!!!

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March 12, 2009

Dear readers,

Thank you so very much for being so amazing. All of the emails and comments I get from you make me deeply happy that I started this blog. I’m excited by how many friends I’ve made thus far, and I’m totally blown away by how many of you say you’re inspired by me. Little, grumpy, soft-armed me! You LIKE me!! Right now, you LIKE me!!!

I just wanted to give you a wee advance notice: Posting will be a skosh less frequent because I’ll be out of town for the next 9 days, and then we will have some sexy house-guests for about five days after that. But never fear! I will still keep you up-to-date on my love-hate relayshe with getting in shape for this half-marathon, as well as some awesome recipes and other musings on exciting topics like: how amazing Melissa is on Dancing With The Stars, what music you should be listening to, ways to stalk your fiance or parter without creeping him/her out, and sculpting with butter (I’m my mother’s daughter).

And just for shizz and giggles:

Other Beholder activity you can look forward to: a detailed post on how swimmers keep their abs so fiiiine (with pictures, don’t worry), and at least TWO give-aways! If not more! And they’re good. REAL good. Like, so good that I can’t even write about them yet because I don’t want to make an web frenzy and break the Internet.

Here’s a hilar YouTube video:

Anyway, I’m around and if you would like to get in touch with me to tell me how much you love me or to be like “WIGGS, WHERE ARE YOU AND WHY AREN’T YOU POSTING MORE WEIRD STUFF ABOUT GETTING IN SHAPE AND THE BACHELOR” just leave a comment. I love comments. They make me feel less like I’m talking to myself here. And all comments are emailed to me before they show up on the blog, so if you have anything you’d like to say to me in private, just say so in your comment and I won’t publish it.

And I’ll leave you with my favorite YouTube video of all time. (I’m trying to keep you entertained while also being informative, see? Did it work? Thought so.)

Also, another sweet one (SOMEBODY’s got babies on the brain, yeesh!)

March 12, 2009

Half-marathon training: Day 11

Ohhh boy people. Today was supposed to be a 3-mile run, but since I’m travelling out to Seattle for the next nine days I’m going to take my rest day today and then do my run on Friday. My whole week of training is going to be out of whack since I’m away from home, but I’m excited to see how well I can bully myself into working out.

So, in honor of my trip, the reason I’m glad for my rest day is the view from my parents’ house, where I’ll be staying (these photos are NOT doctored, btw – my parents are both great photographers, plus there’s really not much you can do to a view like this to make it better):

Taken from their back patio

Taken from their back patio

The mountain is Mount Rainier, which is actually an active volcano. So they're in trubs if it ever decides to blow.

The mountain is Mount Rainier, which is actually an active volcano. So they're in trubs if it ever decides to blow. I've had that nightmare a couple of times, actually, but usually a giant ferret or ladybug will come and rescue them at the last minute.

I’m glad that I’ve got a down-day to slurp in this gorgeous view before I hit the grindstone (both physically and professionally). I’m in Seattle to tackle a couple of large-scale projects for our family business, so as gorge as this view is, I’ll be working while I gaze at it. Not too shabby, if I do say so m’self. I’m also really excited to go running in the woods – something that you just can’t do in Chicago.

Tangent: what do you (or did you) call your parents once you grew up? When I was little, I always assumed that I would transition to “Mom” and “Dad.” I even figured that once I was out of the house I would call them Susan and Jay. But, nope, my growth was stunted. I have always, and will always, call them “Mommy” and “Daddy.” I also slept in their room until I was 13 (and their bed until I was 9) because I’m deathly afraid of the dark, but that’s another story for another time… (and you wonder why I’m an only child)