Half-marathon training: day five

…and on the fifth day, Wiggs rested. I’m so excited for my rest day! And actually I’ve had a good sign: I sort of feel like working out. I don’t want to go run ten miles or anything, but I could totally go for a light jog. That said, I don’t think I’m going to, because I want to keep my rest days holy. Plus, I’ll be even more motivated tomorrow for my 30 minutes of cross-training.

Even on rest days I’m going to come up with a reason to be glad for my training program. Today, my reason is my nest. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been making nests. I’m super OCD about being tidy, but when I park myself somewhere, it becomes a little jumble of everything I’ve been doing that day. My mom jokes that you can put together a timeline of my day if you ever come upon one of my nests and I’m not there. So today, in honor of having a lighter workload (physically and professionally), I am dedicating my “workout” to my nest. I’m glad I got to make one.

My little nest

Breakfast and lunch dishes, water, my blanket, my laptop, and some writing that I'm working on

True story: as soon as I got up to take this picture, I cleaned up. Crap! Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.


7 Comments to “Half-marathon training: day five”

  1. Heck yes, totally enjoy your rest day! Why go and spoil by participating in physical activity?

  2. I know! Moving around is for losers.

  3. i know exactly what you mean- i make a nest around my couch quite often as well!

  4. what exactly is cummin?? Is it a blend of spices like Curry?? Or just a stand alone herb??

    Your roasted topmatoe recipe sounds great.

    I am Meghan’s Dad and am a physician interested in all aspects of health and food preparation.

  5. Hi, Lou!
    Cumin is an herb that’s related to parsley. It’s most commonly found in Mexican, Mediterranean, and Indian food, but I find that a pinch of it will add a lot of brightness and warmth to most savory dishes.

    You can buy it in any grocery store spice aisle – make sure you get ground cumin and not the seeds (although they’re great for seasoning oil in a stir-fry before you add the veggies).

    Try the tomatoes! They’re so easy and delicious.

  6. Hey Wiggs!
    Thank you soo much for commenting on my blog…and for the recipe! Congrats on your half marathon training…I just did one 2 weeks ago, it’s the most amazing experience 🙂

    I have scoliosis too!! Lol. Do you ever feel like it affects your running?

    Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!


  7. Hi! You know, I do notice that I get a lot of back pain after I run – but usually not during (I say this without ever having run more than six miles at one time). I notice it the most when I lie down after running. My back feels so tight that it hurts when it starts trying to relax! Sometimes it’s so bad that I get short of breath! Maybe I should get that checked out…

    Also, I read about your half. That was a hardcore weekend for you. I’m so impressed!

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