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March 5, 2009

SPEAKING of Glamour…

glamourOh, we weren’t just talking about glamour? I must have gotten a glimpse of myself in the mirror…


Anyway. My hilarity is not what this post is about. 70 years ago, a year-long subscription to Glamour magazine cost $1.50. To celebrate their 70th anniversary, they’re offering the same price on a 12-month subscription. That’s pretty good. Pretty darn good.

I’m usually not a fan of these types of magazines because they make me feel bad about myself, but I haven’t read Glamour much, so maybe it’s a little smarter than the other women’s publications out there. The worst part about most of those magazines is the sex articles. They lure you in with things like “Blow your guy’s mind tonight!” and then the “crazy” tip that they give you is to drink icewater before kissing him so your lips are cold. Dumb, right? Anyway. I digress. If you’re a fan of Glamour, or if you want to have some extra reading material for the treadmill, click here to get your (practically) free subscription.

March 5, 2009

30-Day Shred

30-day-shredHave any of you tried Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred video? Fitness bloggers all over the country are raving about it – the DVD features three 20-minute workouts and apparently they’re HARD. I think this could be a great way to work out, especially on my “strength” days. I entered to win a copy of it on Oh She Glows, but I think I might consider getting it for myself if I don’t win. If you’ve tried it (or know anything else about it), tell me what you think!

March 5, 2009

Early morning workout – half-marathon training part quatre

I said yesterday that each time I work out, I’m going to come up with one reason that I’m glad I did. Real-talk again, peeps: I did NOT want to work out today. I was feeling tight and sore from the rest of the week, and I had a belly full of bread, and I just wasn’t motivated. Further proof that if I can make myself work out, anyone can. I’m such a grump about it!

So, feeling surly and annoyed that I had to go up to the weight room, I picked a teeny tiny reason for being glad I was working out. (It’s just like when I was little and I was mad at my parents for making me set the table, I would give them small salad forks instead of dinner-sized ones. “That’s right! You make me set the table, I’ll give you a small fork. Take THAT! Wiggs – 1, Mommy and Daddy – 0!!!”)

Seriously, it's like two millimeters. Smallest reason ever.

Seriously, it's like two millimeters. Smallest reason ever.

It’s the bead inside of my orange track pants! I like to tighten the bead (which in turn tightens the hem of the leg) and make myself look like I’m wearing clown pants. Which is precisely what I did before heading up to the weight room. (I told you it was a tiny reason.)

The decision to wear clown pants up to the weight room ended up biting me in the ass, but first, the stats on my workout:

  • Total distance: 3.18 miles
  • Speed: 5.5 mph for 2.52 miles; 6.0 mph for .23 miles (until I had a quarter-mile left); 7.0 mph for .25 miles; then I cooled down around 3.5 mph for .18 miles
  • Time: 36:10 (including cooldown)
  • Calories burned according to the machine: 329

So how did I get through the workout even though I was feeling like the ass-end of a warthog?

Click here to hear the music I listened to and find out about how my clown pants led to an awkward workout moment

March 5, 2009

My secret project yesterday

This is probably going to be anticlimactic for you, but now that I’ve surprised Dave I can tell you – I baked my first loaf of bread yesterday! I also threw away my first raw loaf of bread, too. Dammit. I followed Deb’s recipe for light wheat bread on Smitten Kitchen, and, uh, let’s just say that I’ve still got some learning to do. The condo smells amazing, though!

Wiggs's very first loaf

Wiggs's very first loaf

Here’s why I had to toss my first loaf: apparently you can burn yeast to death. I didn’t know that. I read that I was supposed to proof my active dry yeast in warm water, and I thought, well, why don’t I speed up the process by proofing them in scorchingly hot water? When I tossed the yeast in, they started fizzing wildly, which I thought was a good thing – but it turns out that I was hearing their screams of death. My dough never rose.

Now, the bread tastes fantastic. But it’s a bit dense – I think that the next time I make it, I should let it rise longer (when it rises, bubbles of carbon dioxide are forming in the dough; so the more you allow these bubbles to develop, the lighter your bread will be). Also, I kind of screwed up the technique where you roll it into a spiral before putting it in the pan. The result is that in some places, the pieces have a big spiral-shaped gap on them, which means your hands get messy if you eat anything that can squidge out of those holes.

See that spiral? You bet your ass I had honey all over myself when I was done eating that slice.

See that spiral? You bet your ass I had honey all over myself when I was done eating that slice.

I would love to get good enough at baking bread that we wouldn’t need to buy it anymore, because it seriously takes no time at all. Even with the first screw-up, I probably only spent 20 minutes actually DOing anything in the kitchen. (Of course, I spent wayyy too much time fretting over my dough as it was rising and castigating myself over having screwed up this iconic food item. “How can you be a good mother when you’re completely inept at baking bread?!” I wailed at myself. But then I got over it and realized that if Britney Spears can be a mother, then I’ll be just fine.)

I’d also like to find a lighter recipe in terms of calories. This guy was dee-lish, but I think each slice has like 150 calories or something. Last night, we fried up some eggs and put them on the bread with basil leaves, sweet peppers, cheese, and balsamic vinegar and it was orgasmically good. And I skipped my morning oatmeal in favor of a slice drizzled with honey. I should probably give the rest to Dave if I want to be able to fit into my wedding dress this July.

Mmmm breakfast...

Mmmm breakfast...

What baking failures have you had? Is there anything that you make at home rather than buying premade at the store? (Angela from Oh She Glows does this a lot). And does anyone out there have any bread-making advice for me?

March 5, 2009

I got blogged!

Well, yippee skippee! Carolyn linked to The Beholder on her blog. It’s such an honor, because she has a very noble cause to write about:

My intent is to educate and inspire people to speak out about domestic violence, abuse, and incest. I am accepting Alice Miller’s call to break down the walls of silence that isolate us and hold some people prisoner. We need to find more viable solutions. Peace on earth starts at home.

Thanks, Carolyn!

March 5, 2009

Day three of half-marathon training

Every day that I work out, I’m going to come up with one reason I’m glad I did. Today’s reason was Rachel Ray. I skittered into the weight room this afternoon and was met with a lovely surprise: the out-of-order flatscreen television that has been taunting me since I moved here was magically fixed! And what’s more, the gal on the treadmill had it tuned to the Food Network! Ah…bliss.


Today I worked out on the elliptical because it was a 2-mile/crosstraining day and I was feeling sore from my run yesterday (that’s sad, I know).

The stats on my li’l workout:

  • Duration: 22 minutes
  • Level: 4. Out of 20. So I was doing 20 percent of the maximum. That’s not even like a C-! It’s a straight-up fail! Oh well, let’s not think about it like that. I kept my RPMs around 75 the whole time, so by the time I was done, I was feeling pukingly out of breath.
  • Distance: 2.11 miles (whatever that means on an elliptical machine)
  • Calories burned: 266 (again, I realize that calorie-burnage on these machines is not totally accurate)

I’m a little weirded out that I went about two-thirds (66%) of the distance I did yesterday, and on a lower-impact machine, but burned 80% of the calories. Put less nerdily, why did I burn more calories per minute on an easier machine? Oh well. The world may never know.

The best part about this workout (besides Rachel Ray, of course) was my playlist.

Click here to listen to the songs I played on my iPod! (TRUST me, they’re good) (you’ll be shocked you never put them on your workout list before)

March 5, 2009

Let’s try a live-blog, shall we?

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of The Bachelor’s plummet to earth, Ty-ty Banks and America’s Next Top Model will renew my devotion to reality television. Since Dave’s got night class tonight, I’m going to try my hand at live-commenting on the show, right here. Feel free to join me in the comments! Pretty please? With sugar on top?


Judging by the look of the new photos on the CW’s website, I’m guessing they’re going to do a cut-out doll theme. Just a guess.

Click here for the live-blog, starting tonight at 7pm Central time.