When I was looking for that video clip from “The Red Balloon,” I came across a bunch of stills taken from the movie. How sweet would it be to decorate a child’s room using this movie as the theme? For that matter, a grown-up room could pull it off, too. (By the way, don’t forget to answer the Inside the Actors Studio questions in my previous post! I want to hear what you’ve got to say!)




See what I mean? Maybe the prenatal vitamins have gone to my head.

I’m heading out for a lunchtime run – check back in a bit for a workout update, another healthy recipe, and the story of how I came to own a giant box full of free makeup from Sephora.

What was the theme of your childhood room? My mom didn’t know whether I was a boy or a girl, so she hand-painted blue and red rocking horses on my walls and made me a matching toychest that we still own.


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