How to get a box full of free makeup



This is my sample box. It holds more makeup that most women own – and I got it all for free! All it takes is a little patience and a little bit of shopping savvy.

This box has taken me a bit of time to fill, but it has been completely worth it. Now, whenever I run out of mascara, or I need moisturizer and can’t find any, or I’m going on a trip, all I’ve gotta do is dig through my magic box.

The first step in making a magic box of your own is to designate one single place for free makeup samples. If you don’t have a special spot for them, you’ll end up leaving some in your purse, some in your bathroom, some in your bedroom…eventually, they’ll get lost and you will have wasted all of that free shizz!

The easiest way to get free samples is to shop at Sephora. Check and see if any of the cosmetic products you use (or would like to use) can be bought there. You get three free samples with every order (they also pass samples out in the store, if you live near one). But there’s a way to get even more. It’s free to become a Beauty Insider, and when you are, you start getting deluxe samples in addition to the free samples that come with every order. Plus, every year on your birthday you get to choose a free gift – I have two giant bottles of cupcake-scented bodywash in my shower right now because of this perk.

Beyond that, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for free samples whenever you’re shopping for makeup. You’d be surprised where you find it. Sometimes if you just search for “free samples” on a website, you’ll find a coupon code that you can enter at check-out. And never turn down a free sample when you’re walking through a department store! You never know when those tiny bottles of perfume will come in handy (one of them saved my life when I was having a B.O.-situation at a work function).

If you shop at Sephora, try to wait and buy more than one product at the time, because you get free shipping on orders over $50. Particularly in this economy, my magic box of samples has been amazing – I haven’t had to buy makeup in forever!

Have you found any other good sources for free makeup? Leave your tips in the comments!


2 Comments to “How to get a box full of free makeup”

  1. I LOVE Sephora!!! Thank god I dont live 10 mins away from there anymore….I am trouble in that store! haha

  2. I love it too! And I live next door to one. I can hear its siren call 24 hours a day…but I’ve been a good girl and resisted. I only shopped there during the holiday season, and that was to replace my bareMinerals foundation (which I can’t live without).

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